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Resident Evil the deck building game

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Posted 18 February 2014 - 11:31 AM

Who would be interested in having a MASSIVE, all-out play of the deck building game "Resident Evil"?!
I would like to get together two gaming situations;
-First Day: a game following Normal Difficulty rules, all 5 Mansions (Normal Mansion "Tribal Technology" for "Mercenaries" edition) with all Items and Events, Infections, Partners, Skills, and 18 Resources (chosen by players on first-come-first-serve basis).
-Second Day: a game following Professional Difficulty rules, all 5 Mansions with all Items and Events, Infections, Partners, Skills, and 21 Resources +1 for each player (randomly chosen [12 Weapons, 12 Actions]). Only Weapons, Actions and Characters will be used that effect Story Mode play (No Mercenary Mode nor Combo cards will be used).

I have counted the following, not counting Basic Resources: 34 Weapons, 4 Healing Items, 1 Treasure, 51 Actions, 48 Characters.
Yes, we will be using the new Basic Resources from "Mercenaries", distributed evenly.
All cards are sleeved.
No exclusive Characters used.
Friday and Sunday, preferably morning hours. Time needed: approximately 2-3 hours.

Please post if interested!

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Posted 25 February 2014 - 02:43 AM

I love the Resident Evil Deck Building Game! I ran 2 sessions of it at Geek Kon which was a ton of fun teaching it to new players. I have never played with all 5 mansions together, seems insane to me. I just make mansions from about 30-40 cards and typically 1 boss but have done a few games with 2 bosses. Regardless I am a huge fan of the game so I will try to swing by and check it out. But there is a LOT to do at ACen so I probably won't join a game that will last several hours, sorry.
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