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Dragon Ball Z season sets super cheap on Amazon this week! Help me figure out what version is best: DVD, BluRay, Kai etc

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Posted 04 November 2013 - 12:59 PM

For all of you who salivate at the idea of a heavy discount on your anime, it looks like Dragon Ball Z season sets are HUGELY discounted on Amazon for this week (only?). Here's the link that Funimation's facebook page linked today for the deals.

While I'm excited to pick them up finally, I'm trying to do some research into what version would be best for me. If anyone has any experience with any of the anime releases, I'd love the first hand opinion. I would prefer them on BluRay, but can compromise if need be.

Here's what I know about the respective releases. Amazon listings for versions (as I understand them) are linked.

DVD Orange Box
Cropped widescreen format.
Not BluRay.
Not edited down like Kai.
Seems to have lower quality American audio tracks.

BluRay Dragon (Level) Box
Seems to be original uncropped aspect ratio.
Seems to be closest to Toonami version.
Sadly only 2 sets have been released and additional sets are "indefinitely postponed".
No filler cut out like Kai.

Has filler cut out.
New voice dubs.

That's all I know at the moment. What's most important to me is that the audio and video are at the highest quality and in English (gotta relive those Toonami dreams). I'm also specifically looking to know if, for an anime as old as this, if the visual fidelity of the show is that much greater in BluRay when compared to its DVD equivalent. If you can help me learn more that would be awesome and I can update this as we go so people can reference it.

What I want:
5.1/7.1 English audio.
Uncut original Toonami episode versions.

Thanks all!

Update #1
Added request for opinions on DVD visual fidelity vs BluRay specifically.

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