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First Time Cosplayer

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 02:15 AM

Hey. I am.. Incredibly early on this, but I think it's better to rip the band-aid off quick than dilly-dally 'round. I plan on cosplaying as Cloud Strife from Crisis Core. He's closer to my age range, and it's a better choice than the Advent Children. To be completely honest, I am just new to everything. I don't know how to put on make-up, and I've looked up for tutorials on wigs. I'm 5'4.5", and my weight generally shifts from 150-155. I have debated losing a few, but for now, I think I'd like to stick there because it's healthier for my frame.

My eyes are black, so.. The base of this. I'm looking for references, guides, tips, etc. for the situation. I'm 15, so too young for a job for now. I plan on going with a group, and the only thing that shall prevent me from this is if I'm in the hospital or the transportation I'm on crashes. I have a beauty mark under my eye, but I heard that make-up can cover that, though I'm not sure.

So, please! Just write down anything and everything you find important or useful. Thank ya!

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Posted 31 July 2013 - 01:06 PM

Welcome to the world of cosplay! Glad to see you're joining in. Now as for cosplaying...the first thing you need to decide is...are you doing this via actual building makeing the cosplay (ie: sewing it yourself, buying the materials, etc.), are you closet cosplaying this (Buying or using clothing that you already have and making it into the costume) or are you going to spend some money online for a fully created cosplay. Considering you said you don't have a job, I'm assuming the whole building the cosplay is out, unless your family will help pay for the materials. So I'm going to spectulate on Closet Cosplay or Buying the costume online, but to be on the safe side, I'm puttind down also what you would need if you wanted to build it.

Building the cosplay yourself:

First thing you're going to need to do is go to a material store (Hancock Fabrics, Minasota Fabrics, Joanne Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, Walmart all have fabrics) and bring a refernence picture with you of your cosplay. They have books at the stores that have patterns, you're going to have to seek out the patterns that would be best for building your cosplay. Don't always look in the costume section of the books, check out the other areas because sometimes a jacket could become a peice of a costume. Take someone with you who knows about sewing, also ask the ladies or gents at the store for help, and explain this would be your first time building a costume.

Secondly you're going to need to figure out your materials. Some people want it really authetic, but I would suggest going for easy to work with material like cotton blend. You don't need the most expnesive brand of material but make sure it's good quality. Joanne Fabric and Handcock go on sale with their fabrics. So seek that out. You're going to need to mesure yourself out as well to get how much fabric you'll need, and it's always a good thing to buy more then you may need because you may make mistakes.

Thirdly you're going to need to learn to sew. If you have family that knows how, find out from them. Home ec in some schools still teaches sewing. Also look up people on youtube who can walk you through steps, and both Joanne and Handcock offer sewing classes, but they do cost money. You could also talk to the people there about sewing machines and see if they have s sewing for dummies book. This will help out a lot.

I'm sure others will add more to this section on building your own cosplay, but that's the basics I think.

As for the other two.

Closet Cosplay

This is an effective way to cosplay if you don't know how to sew and you have some old clothing or cash handy. What you need to do is take your reference picture and look through everything you have. Find out from friends if they have the sort of clothing that would match the items. If not then you're going to need to spend some money. Thrift stores, good will and the slavation army can be your friend with this. Look for clothing that matches or that you can dye. It's less expensive at thrift stores but in some cases you may need to go to department stores. Look for clearence items or things on sale. Again, go for things that will breath! You're going to be in costume all day probably and you don't want to over heat.

If you find something you want to use but it's not the right color then it's time for dying and bleaching. I wouldn't recomend the bleaching unless you have help for that. The idea is that you're going to lighten the fabric, but you have to be very careful as bleach will and can eat at clothing so it might make the fabric fall apart and you don't want that. Usually it's good to find a shirt or pants in a very light color or white so that you can use fabric dye. This can be bought at fabric stores, or craft stores. Fabric paint is also good to use too if you want to add dirt or other thingss to your outfit. Ask the people at the store about what can be used to give the illusion of dirt or other things.

Buying cosplay

This is easy but tricky. I would absolutely look here and other forums for reviews of places that people have bought cosplay from. Some places are skevey and will screw you over so watch out. You could also commission someone to make you an outfit, but again that's a bit on the expensive side, and you have to find someone who's legit and not going to trick you. Find out about the person as much as you can, ask for refrences and look at the reviews of their work. If they seem legit some may be willing to bargin and haggle for a price depending on what you want.

Other factors:


To start with, learn the basics. There are lots of videos on Youtube about how to apply make up. Have a lady or theater make up person if you know them, show you the how toos, and then look online for videos about adding different looks. For Cloud you can find make up inspired by him or also look up cosplayers that have done him and PM them or leave a comment asking about how they got their look. Youtube is your friend when it comes to make up and showing you tricks and tutorials. is another recomended site.


Two things on this. One if you're looking for a very normal color wig, go to a wig shop. There are a lot out there that sell wigs of normal color and the ladies there will help you find a wig color to match your cosplay. Bring your picture too. As for styling you should take it to a beauty salon and see if you can have someone style and shape the wig for you. No joke. Yes you would have to pay for it, and it might seem odd, but stylists work on wigs all the time when they are training so this shouldn't be too bad for them. Take a picture with you, both of the character from as many angles as you can and a cosplayer that has on a similar styled wig. It will help them shape it.

If you're going for a bright yellow wig, look online for a good place to shop. I know there's a group here in Joliet IL that sells anime and cosplay materials. I'm sure others can recomend sites! Make sure you read the reviews and know what you're getting into.

I wouldn't start shaping the wig yourself at first. If you do want to do that, then get a cheap wig at a store and practice with that. This way if you mess up it won't be that bad and you won't have to buy something more expensive.


Making a prop can be hard work but rewarding. It's going to depend on what sort of prop you need. There are tutorials out there and always read the cosplay and construction here, it will help a lot. I'm sure the others here can give you a ton of tips on this front. I'm still learning how to make good props. Knives had a tutorial here on swords and the like, so you might want to look into that. Did Crisis Core cloud have a sword?

Hummm whatelse is there....

Oh be sure that your cosplay is comfortable and also to have a bag or maybe pockets to go with you. Also, it's smart to bring a sewing kit and fabreeze or other fabric cleaning items to clean and wash your cosplay.
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