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Picture compilation post-ACen

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 05:16 PM

So, I missed this years' con, much to my chagrin. And next year (I certainly won't be missing that!!) will be the first con I get to use my DSLR (it takes video as well as amazing pictures). My question is this- once I have all the pictures/videos downloaded onto my computer, how hard or easy is it to actually turn them into a decent slideshow on youtube? I've got myself a fancy-shmancy Google account, so I am able to post videos. Though I've never looked into it. And according to my random ACen searches on there, you've all got plenty of experience. My worry is that I don't have a fast enough computer to accomplish it. I also need to know what editing software, if any, is needed.
I know it's not strictly a cosplay question, but I thought it was close enough to the mark.

Any advice or personal experiences are appreciated. Thanks!!

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Posted 28 May 2013 - 07:32 PM

It's fairly simple. There are a lot of programs that you can use. My personal favorite is Windows Movie Maker. The old version....stupid updated version lacks a lot of the features...

Step 1 - if you want to crop, adjust lighting etc - use a photo editing software or site like Photoshop or Photobucket respectively.
Step 2 - Open Windows Movie Maker. (if you don't have it you can get it free from Microsoft if you just google Windows Movie Maker. Also - here is a link: )
Step 3 - click 'Import Pictures' on the left side bar. Find the appropriate folder, select the pictures. Click Ok
Step 4 - Add some sound. You can either 'Import audio or music' which allows you to get prerecorded things - or you can use the narration function AFTER the pictures have been added to the slide show (refer to step 8b)
Step 5 - Make a fancy Title page using 'make titles or credits' and 'add title at the beginning of the movie'
Step 6 - Drag and drop photos to the blue box on the bottom of the page in the order you like (Using the storyboard function makes it easier)
Step 7 - Using the Storyboard view, click the small blue arrows between the boxes to add transitions like FADE and CHECKERBOARD to name a few. you can add and delete over and over again to see which make the movie look it's best.
Step 8 - Make some cool credits using 'make titles or credits' and 'add credits to end'
Step 8B - If you want to add narration now is the perfect time because you have an idea of how the pictures and text will flow from start to end. Above the blue box you've been working in are some small items. click on the microphone. If you are using the storyboard mode it will automatically switch over to the Timeline mode. Click 'Start Narration'. NOTE: the timeline will NOT automatically start at the beginning of your video so you have to make sure to line up the blue line to the very start. You can either drag it OR just press the small BACK arrow. When you start the narration, the video will also play while you speak allowing you to see WHAT you're narrating. when Done, click 'stop narration' which will open a window to save the file. SAVE IT or else it won't be part of the video.

Step 9 - Play video from start to finish to make sure everything is good.
Step 10 - Under Finish Movie click 'save to my computer'. Follow the instructions for the media file best suited to your computer and click save.

Hope this helps

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