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Ascend to Seventh Heaven with fellow Kalafina Fans To the beginning is where our fates intertwine

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Posted 10 May 2013 - 11:36 PM

Greetings Everyone! I have been a diehard Kalafina fan for the past 5 years and was hoping that I could set up a gathering where fellow fans of Kalafina, Fictionjunction, and Yuki Kajiura could interact, discuss their works, and hopefully build lasting friendships.

The first gathering is set to take place in front of the Rosemont Theatre Box Office @ 11am-12pm when tickets for the Kalafina concert are being retrieved/purchased on May 16th. After a sizeable group has been established it would be preferable to relocate to one of the nearby restaurants such as the Chicago Fire Oven Restaurant to carry our discussions further.

Future meetings are planned as well. A meeting 2 hours before the Kalafina concert on Friday May the 17th would be nice, as we could plan to eat a nice meal together get pumped and show our spirit for the girls during the concert. Since seating has already been assigned (thank the Kamis) it should be a relaxing atmosphere before the concert starts. Other meetings will be announced throughout the convention depending on turnouts.

Here are some basic criteria for the gatherings

*Name badges would serve as great identifiers and help with introductions. Here are four templates that I have made that can assist with that!
Wakana + Keiko
Hikaru + Kalafina

Choose your favorite Kalafina member and let your pride shine with one of these four options! I feel these are simple and effective templates that should fit snugly inside any badge holder. Feel free to add any embellishments as you see fit. If you need the images larger please email me and I can send you the word document I made them in.

*Gatherings are open for new arrivals even after commencement. Fellow fans are always welcome so feel free to join in anytime! Updates will be posted if the group decides to relocate to different facilities, etc. Social media sites such as facebook and twitter will be used to make the announcements if necessary; otherwise, this will be the main source for group info.

*These gatherings are intended to respect the opinions and feelings of all those who attend. Lets not boast about our fandoms or disrespect one another please. We all love and respect Kalafina/Yuki Kajiura/Fictionjunction in our own ways. I suggest reading over this text to understand the dynamics of group interaction: Group Roles
If you feel that you fall into the category of "Self-centered Role" it is probably best if you reevaluate your social interaction skills before you decide to attend. All are welcome; however, unruly participants will be asked to leave politely.

*Cover your own costs for food, etc. Moochers suck and being generous is awesome! Do what you feel is right for the situation.

*And...that is basically it! Thanks for reading :eek:(Hope it wasn't daunting)

Feel free to contact me here through pm or through my email Friend? through the upcoming days about suggestions, questions, extensions of friendship, etc. I hope to meet as many Kalafina fans as possible during my visit to Chicago and I hope we can create memorable experiences to look fondly upon in later years. If there is one thing I have learned from seeing Kalafina @ Anime Boston and Anime Expo x2, is that the people you meet truly enrich the experience of seeing Kalafina and make it worth so much more.

~ Acestrada

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