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Mecha Related Guests, and a few VA suggestions.

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 01:43 AM

It's been quite some time since I've spoken up on the subject, but none-the-less, I feel that I'd like to throw out some possibilities for guests...

For the longest time, numerous famous Japanese directors/producers have been veterans of the industry and responsible for creating a lot of very famous stuff. The mecha genre may not always be the single most popular part of anime, but it is an important one, and one which is persistently popular here. Also, not a lot of people throw out Japanese guest suggestions much these day, but these are a few which I would really like to see here. Also throwing out suggestions from other shows too.


Yoshiyuki Tomino - Creator of the Gundam Franchise. He's been to a few US cons in the past few years (NYAF) as well as Chicago itself (in a film festival), but never ACen. He's getting older, but he's very influential and his works have actually gained popularity among the core online fandoms even if they are no longer seen on TV. Gundam continues to be an ongoing franchise. One which I have had the honor of speaking about at ACen for nearly 10 years now (and if you can't tell, many guests I suggest will be related to this franchise, but still, hear me out). I think it would be great if ACen would extend a hand to bring him here, just as many other larger cons have done in the past. While Tomino is still rumored to be working on a new show, and active in the industry, he is also getting older. We recently lost Noboru Ishiguro, a man I had the honor of meeting 2 years before he passed on. Tomino will probably not croak any time soon that we're aware of, but the years in which he could be invited are declining. Don't miss this chance. Give the legend one last chance here and prove that ACen is still serious about japanese veterans.

Shoji Kawamori - He is to Macross what Tomino is to Gundam, mostly. Moreso a producer than director, his mechanical designs, directing talent, ingenuity, and influence are equally strong. Plus, he HAS been to ACen before... long ago, back in 2002 or so. He's expressed some interest in returning to US cons, and I think it may be possible that we see him at Otakon. He's younger than Tomino, but also still very active. Macross Frontier has been very popular (and is often cosplayed from too), and it'd be fun to see him come here and talk about it.

Seiji Mizushima - Director of the very first Full Metal Alchemist series (as well as Gundam 00), the original FMA was iconic here in the US, yet I haven't seen him at a US con in quite some time. ACen should definitely bring him, along with another suggestion I mention further down below...

Akira Toriyama - A brand new DBZ movie premires in Japan this month. Toriyama's producing it and overseeing the plot for the first time in over a decade. Get him here. Somehow. He'd be a HUGE guest for ACen if it could be done!

Japanese Voice Actors

Suichi Ikeda - Voice actor most famous for Char Aznable, essentially japan's own iconic Darth Vader. I have NEVER seen him at a US con, and this should really change. He's a huge veteran and he's done more recent roles as well.

Tohru Furuya - Likewise, if you have Char, you should have Amuro Ray. Original pilot from the first Gundam series, I've met him at AX and he was well loved and incredibly friendly.

Romi Park - Voice of Edward Elric from FMA. We've seen Vic here at ACen many times (which is fine, I've always had a good time talking with him), but Ms. Park has not been to the US recently. She too deserves some time in the light. Other famous roles include Ken from Digimon Season 2, Madame Red in Black Butler, and Loran Cehack from Turn A Gundam. If Vic returned, I actually think a panel with both of them would be wonderful to see.

Ryusei Nakao - Japanese voice of Freeza, as well as Mayuri from Bleach. Don't think I've ever seen him here. He's been to the US before, but never the midwest as far as I can tell.

Ryo Horikawa - Similarly, I'd love to see Japanese Vegeta here. He's also famous for other major roles like Kaiser Reinhard from the longest OVA ever created, and the recent cult hit, Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

American Voice Actors/Directors

Michael Sinterniklaas - Following the mecha theme, Mike is the current english director for Gundam Unicorn. This project is particular fascinating since it is released both subbed and dubbed, globally, simultaneously, which is very unique in the anime world. He's been touring the country to promote and screen new episodes along with some Bandai reps, but I've never seen him at ACen. He's also a long time vet in the industry, working on Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles, and many other popular titles in both anime and american cartoons. And he's just plain a really nice, friendly, open guy who has always been respectful to his fandoms, and full of optimism and energy.

Scott McNeil - There are few voice talents as vocal as Scott. He's been a veteran for bandai's ocean studio for years, as well as famed for other roles like doing no less than 4 characters that sound NOTHING alike in Beast Wars Transformers. He's been to ACen before, but not since 2004. It'd be great to have him back again.

Eric Stewart and Rachel Lillis, together - I can see it now... Opening ceremonies begins. The lights dim, two mysterious figures don the stage, posing elegantly back to back... dramatic music begins, and then suddenly... "PREPARE FOR TROUBLE! AND MAKE IT DOUBLE!" I think you know the rest. I've never seen these two at a con together in recent memory, and team Rocket and Pokemon are 'quite' well loved, especially their dub of the duo, I assure you. They'd be welcomed and celebrated if they came. Of course, I mean no disrespect to the current voiceover cast, but these are the voices many attendees grew up with. Seeing them together again would be wonderful.

Christopher Sabat - Most famously known for being the voice of Piccolo and Armstrong, Chris Sabat came to ACen last year, and was very fun to see for a lot of people. It'd be great to see him back again. He's done a lot of directing work on the original DBZ dub as well, so his input is always great to hear. Plus he pretty much voiced half the cast in that dub as well.

Greg and Chris Ayres - It's been a few years since I've seen Greg at ACen, and I'm not sure if I even remember the last time his brother was here. For starters, Greg's an amazing DJ. He chooses a wonderful blend of pop culture influenced songs from games, anime, and just about everything, so his stuff really addresses the criticism saying that the soap bubble doesn't have enough "anime" music. He's DJed at ACen before and I miss it. It's been a number of years. His brother, Chris, also has hosted some pretty excellent panels over the years, not to mention he is the current American voice of Freeza, so it would be a nice contrast to have him and the Japanese voice actor together at one event. I've had the fortune of meeting them both before, and they're kind hearted, welcoming guests who treat the fans with nothing but honor and respect. Chris, like Michael and Mr. Sabat, is also a really good voice director, so seeing him host a panel on that at ACen could be very informative for those who want to learn more about the US voiceover industry.

I know this list is long, and obviously don't expect many if any of these suggestions to be invited... but take it from me, they've all taken part in many franchises that are dear to long time fans, and shows people have grown up with here in the US. I think each would draw a good crowd, and I would have great respect for ACen if it would take better strides in getting veteran Japanese guests. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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Posted 13 March 2013 - 11:00 PM

Sniccckkkklleessss :thumbup:
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Posted 15 March 2013 - 05:06 PM

Would love to see just about any of these, as they're not typical convention guests you'd be able to see just anywhere anytime. I'm not familiar with Scott, but all the things I've heard about him are making me definitely want him as a guest. :D
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