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Audio/Video recording policy

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Posted 25 January 2013 - 03:58 PM

In particular this little bit:

Video & Audio Recording: ANY Video or Audio Recording for Anime Central Staff-organized events, (such as the Masquerade, fashion show, etc) are not to be uploaded to the internet, or made available to the public, in their entirety. If you wish to use recordings of such events, you must create a highlight clip instead. Any use otherwise is in violation of the Rights held by Anime Central.

I had this discussion with the department head Vic, a couple years ago, since it seems to me that while yes, the staff of ACen are making this available, the attendees are the meat of what makes this work. The wording of this is claiming ownership of their work, when before it was cooperation between attendees and staff to make a fun experience. His biggest concern at the time, was that someone was making profit on their recordings of these events. I don't believe that was ever the case, but if that was a concern, from what I gathered, we'd agree to address that with a written agreement that has a certain legal weight, and from then on the event could be distributed as the outlet saw fit as long as no monetary compensation was derived, rather than being chopped up into some highlight clip, and thus ruining the memory for the attendees, participants, and even the staff who wish something more memorable. That language for the agreement appears to be in your TOS with this little bit:

Film / Video & Photography*: Submit a demo reel, a list of completed projects or portfolio, & make sure to state the purpose of the filming in your official ‘Letter of Intent’. You MUST have prior approval and additional signed agreements with Anime Central if you are filming or taking video for any other reason than broadcasting, you MUST submit a copy of ALL gathered footage within two (2) weeks of the end of the convention as well as sign a waiver agreeing that your submitted footage can be used in any Anime Central Promotional Materials.

However, the original restriction appears to remain, and is not logical since no other convention I'm aware of (this would include the likes of Wondercon, Anime Expo, AM^2, Sac Anime, Fanime, Dragoncon, etc), no attendee, and I suspect very few, if any, of the staff and its leadership would see any real problem with this. The only one close that I'm aware of is Yaoi-con, and that one requires that you get a release from every single person you take a picture from (needless to say, almost no press works that convention in an official capacity). This has always been one of the best conventions to go to. The staff have always been very helpful, and the events most enjoyable. Why the continued crackdown? Is there no way you'll reconsider this stance?

You also don't appear to have any of the media up from previous years. Wasn't there supposed to be a page for that?

Also, thanks for setting up Press reg check-in for day 0. That will be a tremendous burden lifted from those in the press who were originally rushing to get their press credentials in the morning and then over to opening ceremonies, heh.

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