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Looking for roommates to share embassy room trying this again for 2013

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Posted 03 November 2012 - 11:27 AM


EDIT: Trying to go over the people now. So far I am going to try to have four people in a room for a change.


I'm staying at the Embassy suite. The room is going to be around 600-700 USD (that's with the room block btw at 172 a night,) and I'm looking for at least two people to room up with me; 18+. I prefer girls but I can room up with guys. The room is going to be May 16th at 3pm till May 19th at 12pm. That's all four days.

The rate will be 330 for one person, 160 each for two, and 110 each for three. This includes food cost; I will feed you, (pizza, ramen from Mitsuwa, etc. whatever.) Breakfast is free at the Embassy. So far it's going to be 1 King size bed and a pull out bed. I am trying to upgrade if a double bed room opens up. This is not a final cost; this is a starting cost until I get everything worked out. I will take the bed (due to back issues,) and you can have the pull out couch.

You have to pay at least half of this before the con if I accept you as a roommate using paypal due to past issues and the other half at the hotel.

IF YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND CALL ME OR TEXT ME. Do not call/text a day ahead and say you can't make it unless it's a family emergency, a death, or an act beyond your control. I keep the first deposit If you call/text me about changing rooms, finding a better deal, my mom/brother in law/ex bf/sister/friend, etc. found a better room rate. DO NOT LIE BECAUSE I WILL KNOW. WHY? Because it's hard or next to impossible to find roommates at the last minute.

I'll try to see if I can get a futon if you prefer the floor, this is not extra. Keep in mind that this room might be mixed; if you are a guy you can sleep on the pull out couch but if you are a girl you can room up with me if we end up with another guy, etc.

No heavy partying or sex. You can drink but if you know you can't control yourself then don't bother because housekeeping will not enjoy cleaning up your vomit. Also no smoking in the room, (but I don't care if you smoke period,) that's against the hotel rules to smoke in rooms. You can bring friends or chat or whatever at any hour; I sleep like the dead so that's not a problem. If it's more than you and me then this is not a good idea.

I don't mind messy people but don't be nasty; lose condoms, tampons, not bathing, etc. are not cool. If you leave your boxers/panties around I don't care unless it's more than one other person in the room with us.

Respect your other roommates as well as myself. Lay out any issues, medical concerns, etc. before hand. If there are roommates I will let everyone know and ask before hand if it's ok to share contact phone numbers, emails, etc. DO NOT SPAM MY PHONE OR ROOMMATE'S PHONES OK?

If you have issues with me let me know. I am not a tyrant or a scary person. I am actually a quiet person compared to the forums. I am also thick skinned so if you have ANY ISSUE LET ME KNOW AND I WILL TRY TO FIX IT.

Ok now that's done:

About me:

I'm quiet in person and I don't speak a lot unless you bring me out my shell. I don't smoke or drink. I can be somewhat messy but I'm usually decent around other people. I take showers everyday and use stick often. I will be cosplaying Hachimenroppi, Submaster Emmet, Hiro from Desu2, and probably Sogiita Gunha.

EDIT: I'm black/native american/german mixed and I consider myself a 'trap.' I do bind but I am still a girl.

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 10:40 PM

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Posted 04 November 2012 - 11:15 PM

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