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Yorozuya BONZAI! A Gintama Panel

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Posted 08 September 2012 - 07:06 AM

Last year was fun, so we're doing it again this year! It's official we've been approved!

The end? Don't be an idiot! We've only just begun, so hang tight and come on down for your mandatory dose of Gintama with Gin and 'Gura! Brush up on your history, countdown the gorillas, and face strangers in Extreme Janken for souvenirs. Stalker kunoichi need not apply.


What the heck is Gintama?
The meaning of the title and it's colorful history.

The story.
Or "Wait we have a plot?"

The author
The lead monkey himself!

Character introductions:
Go over the main cast & their respective historical counterparts, also their voice actors.

The American Manga release.
Status, facts,

American Manga Discussion
Talk about how Viz gave up on us all.

The American Anime release.
Who's releasing it, status, facts, where you can get it, where you can legally watch it.

American Anime Discussion
Did you buy it, will there be more? What you liked, what you didn't & why. When will Sentai come out and tell us if there will be more Gintama?

The Japanese Manga release.
40+ volumes strong! Where you can buy Japanese language volumes. Translations available. Is it necessary when the anime will cover just about everything?

The Japanese Anime release.
Cancelled? Returning? Reruns? News about the new movie. DVD rankings.

Japanese Anime Discussion
What arcs work the best, does Gintama do serious better, or should it stick to comedy? How long until they go on another “vacation?”

Super Awesome Gorilla Countdown
The creator has a running gag with gorillas. He even depicts himself as one when he decides to make a shameless self insertion. Needless to say there are several “gorilla” characters in the show. We're going to count them down. #1 being the biggest gorilla of all time.

Video Games
An overview of the console games Gintama has spawned, or has been featured in, and also why we probably will never see any of these games sold in the West.

Extreme Janken is essentially rock paper scissors, only after you throw your hand, the winner tries to hit the loser on the head with a hammer (a little squeak toy one I got at party city, so safety wouldn't be an issue) while the loser quickly puts a helmet on their head. If the hammer hits the helmet, they go again, if they don't, they lose and the game is over. I have a few prizes I will award to the winner. Due to time constraints we could probably only do one game, but I guess if the first game goes by fast we could do another round.

Ask the characters anything! Well anything within a PG-13 related window.

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"Not having money is like a chronic nasal inflammation. We have to get along with poverty while keeping our distance from it. We have to keep the feeling lukewarm."
-Sakata Gintoki, Gintama

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