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Registration 2013 FAQ

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Posted 18 July 2012 - 11:10 PM

This FAQ is a little long, so if you know what you’re looking for hold the CTRL and F keys (or APPLE and F keys for our mac friends) to search the page quickly through your browsers find feature.

ACen Badges are non-transferable and non-refundable; use of an ACen badge by any person other than the original holder is not allowed and will result in badge confiscation. Badges may not be duplicated in any fashion. The holder of a badge shall agree to surrender the badge to any MAPS officer or representative on request. When you purchase a badge for ACen you agree to the above terms.

There will be no recompense if you are found with a counterfeit badge. If you purchase a badge from someone other than Anime Central, you will not have a valid badge to our event. Scalping badges only hurts our event. If you find people scalping tickets, please report them to Registration immediately at

Those registering for Artist Alley, Dealers Hall or Panelists should refer to that department’s registration rules and contact the appropriate department regarding any questions you have.
Artist Alley -
Exhibitors/Vendors -
Panelists -
Press -

What is a badge?
A badge is your ticket into Anime Central. There is an example picture shown in our registration system and it is normally held on a lanyard which is supplied by the convention. Your badge must be visible to staff while inside of convention grounds at all times. You may remove your badge from view only during photographs.

How much is registration for ACen this year?
Our prices are listed on the website under Registration Info.

When do you sell out of badges?!
We do not have an attendance cap for our convention. We will never sell out of badges, so don’t worry about not being able to get a badge because you can.

What is the road show and how do I get that rate?
The road show is where we hit the road and head to other conventions to help spread the word about ACen. At these conventions look for the ACen table where you’ll be able to register at the best rate of $38 for an Adult Full Weekend badge, Child badges (ages 6-12) are $10. You can also pay the $2 fee to have your badge mailed to you. Keep your eyes on the road show page on the website and forum to see which conventions we’ll appear at.

I’m trying to register for will-call registration, but can’t find the phone number. What is it?
Will-call is the term we use for people that have already paid for their badges and just need to pick it up at the convention. To register for ACen you have to go through the online registration process, pre-register at a road show event, or through registration at the convention. The registration process cannot be completed over the phone.

I’ve attended ACen in the past and used the registration system. Is my old account still there?
Unless you pre-registered for the 2011 or 2012 ACen, you will not have an account in the system; we switched over to a new system between 2010 and 2011. Therefore, you will need to create an account.

I don’t remember my password. Can you give it to me?
The system can do that for you. At the login screen, there’s a link that will let you request a new password.

I made a mistake typing in my information/My information has changed since I registered. Can I change it?
Just log into the registration system and on the menu click addresses to change your phone number and address OR click Edit to change your email and password.

What is a badge name?
A badge name is that name that will be displayed on the badge in a larger font. You can put whatever your little heart desires in this field as long as it is rated-G; please keep in mind that we are a family-friendly convention and there are children running around. If your badge name is deemed inappropriate, our registration staff will change it!

I never got my invoice e-mail. Can another one be sent to me?
Your order invoice can be found under your profile after logging into the registration site. Click the link “Click here to view your order history.” You can then review your past order. To print it - click the order number then click “Click to open a window with a printable invoice.” If you have trouble completing these steps or are unable to locate your order, please contact us.

How do I register as a group and get the group discount?
Instructions for group registration can be found on the Registration Information page of the ACen Website.
Groups 10-19 receive a $2 discount per badge and groups 20+ receive $5 off per badge. There is no minimum or maximum limit for groups.

What is a group name?
This is where you can put your anime clubs name, university’s name, or whatever you would like to call your group. It will appear under your badge name on your badge. Please remember Anime Central is a family friendly convention, if staff deems the name is inappropriate it will be changed!

How do I register my child at the discounted rate?
Ages 0-5 ~ Can be added to an adults account while purchasing with a limit of 2 per paid adult. Information is gathered on the child mainly so the linked adult can be contacted in the case of a wandered off child. The child must be 5-and-under by the date of the convention.
Ages 6-12 ~ When purchasing a badge there are two options, adult or child badge, select child and create their account from there. Every attendee has their own account. The child must be 12-and-under by the date of the convention.

I registered a while ago, but today when I went to pay, I’m being charged the next tier price. Why am I being charged more?
The prices, and the dates that accompany those prices, are cut-off dates for payment. You need to pay for your badge before the cut-off date in order to get your badge at that tiers price.

How do I get my badge mailed to me?
Badge mailing this year is $2.00 per badge. The badge mailing option is found on the Checkout page. Special Note: We do not mail out badges until after April 1st.

If you are in a group, your group leader’s selection is for the entire group. If they select mailing each member will have mailing selected for the additional $2, if they do not select mailing the group will be at Will-Call to be picked up at con. Group badges are mailed to the group leader, and they will be responsible for distributing them to their group members. Will-Call group badges can be picked up by their group leader or the individual badge can be picked up by the badge owner.

I forgot to select badge mailing. Is there anyway to still have it added?
If you haven’t paid, you can simply log into your account and have it added. It is located on the Checkout page.

If you’ve already paid for your badge, we can still add badge mailing to your account, but it needs to be done by a staff member. Send an e-mail to and we’ll get this taken care of for you.

When will the badges be mailed out?
ALL badges out after April 1st this year. Please make sure your shipping address and other account information in your registration system account in order to avoid potential issues.

What if I don’t get my badge before the convention?
We will only re-mail a badge if it bounces back to us in the mail. We do this to prevent people from telling us that they never got their badge and then they turn around and give the second mailed badge to a friend.

If it’s too close to the convention to re-mail a badge, there will be booths in the registration hall where you can pick up your badge. These booths are labeled “Service Desk” otherwise known as “Help Desk” They will be away from the main lines and have little to no lines at all times at them.

I changed my mind and want to pick-up my badge at the convention. Can the mailing fee be refunded?
Once you pay for the mailing fee it cannot be refunded. ACen badges and badge options are non-refundable and non-transferable, and mailing is a badge option that falls under this policy.

How can I pay for my badge?
During pre-registration you can pay by: check, money order and credit cards. For credit cards, we only accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards. We do not accept American Express. DO NOT send cash (especially coins) through the mail for pre-registration. Debit is accepted with those credit companies attached though if the card requires a pin we cannot take it.

At the convention you can pay by cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) and business checks. We do not accept personal checks at the convention. US currency only.

What about debit cards?
Debit cards are also accepted, as long as they have the Visa or MasterCard logos on the card. These cards can be run as credit cards and that is how you should see them billed on your statement.

Who do I make the check or money order out to? Where do I send it?
Make your check or money order payable to “MAPS” or the “Midwest Animation Promotion Society.”

My check bounced! What do I do?
For those whose check has bounced (NSF), they will be charged a standard $25 fee before they can complete the payment for their badge.

Where do I mail my payment to?
The address you need to send your payment to is on the print out form in the registration system. To print this form, go to your profile after logging into the registration site (click My Profile). Click the link “Click here to view your order history.” You can then review your past order. To print it - click the order number then click “Click to open a window with a printable invoice.” If you have trouble completing these steps or are unable to locate your order, please contact us.

I mailed you my payment, but I’m not sure if you’ll get it before the cut-off date. Will I be charged more?
As long as your envelope is postmarked before the cut-off date, you will get the price for that tier.

I lost my badge! What do I do?
You can get one replacement from the Service Desk booth (Help Desk) for a $20 fee. Any additional replacements will be at full badge price.

My question wasn’t answered in your FAQ. What do I do now?
Send your questions to, or post a reply in the Registration Questions thread.

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