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Takashi Takeuchi

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Posted 01 July 2012 - 07:25 PM

Co-founder of game company, Type Moon and the main artists for most of its major works(thus the character designer for Saber and Arc etc), also a close friend of thier script writer Nasu since high school. Most people attribute Type Moon's sucess toward Nasu, the creator of its unique and attractive world composed of Kara no Kyoukai, Fate Stay Night and Tsukihime, but it is only half of the correct answer. In fact, it's Takashi who introduce and promote this world towards the public and thus the sucess of today with his acute vision about the anime trend. (Many people might don't know about it, but when Kara no Kyoukai, one of the greatest Nasu literature, was first posted online in Takashi's blog, there isn't such a popularity initially) He would be a great choice for a guest to share how he and Nasu start thier path of sucess from a small doujin visual novel group composed of two men only with dream to a sucessful game company, and I bet this is not something only interests TM fans. (I feel he would love to promotoe thier latest work Mahōtsukai no Yoru as well as Fate Extra for the US market, which makes it more possible to invite him if ACen is willing to give it a shot.)

Side note: His favortie moe traits include twin sisters, maid, and his Neko Ark...need proof? here u go:
Posted Image
Who can doubt one's love to his creation when he owns a 1:1 scale statue(or figure?) of it?
"Now Anime(Visual Novel) may still classed as the niche market these days...but it got such variety...such potential that I am sure will make to the mainstream one day."-ThatDudeInTheSuede

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