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How To Contact Us A list of Departments & Emails

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Posted 13 June 2012 - 05:45 AM

This is a list of the departments who are normally confused with each other. We received many emails this year that were meant to go to one of these other departments. So here are their emails and a short description on what sort of emails should go where. If you are not sure, feel free to ask. As always we will forward emails meant for other departments to the proper department, so if you aren't sure, we're here to send you in the right direction.

Panel Programming Management -

Email this address for any department specific questions, issues, comments, or concerns involving panels, panelists, panel schedules, rooms, web content or forum content. This includes Panelist Badges, Panel Programming manages those badges, not the Registration Department.

Main Events Management -

For events that take place in the main ballrooms of the Hyatt, such as Soap Bubble, Underground Groove, Concerts, Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Anime Hell/Midnight Madness, and other large scale events. Contact this department with questions regarding the schedule, line policy, space, etc.

Masquerade Management

the Masquerade event is a separate department from Panel Programming. Contact them at this email for any questions on content, rules, concerns, or suggestions. If you are a panelist who is also in Masquerade it will be panel programming who will be scheduling you far away from this event, so you do not need to send them schedule requests to avoid conflict with your panel, you would send that to panels.

Customer Service Management -

If you are unsure of which department entirely to contact you can email this department and they will forward you to the appropriate people. Or as a general question concerning convention location, hours, policy you can also contact them.

Guest Relations Management -

If you are looking to be in a main event such as a band hosting a concert, a voice actor, industry, etc. Please contact Guest Relations. Panel Programming only manages Attendee hosted panels.

Registration Management -

For general attendance questions regarding your badge, if you are only paying 50% of your badge and are having account issues, for any non panel badge questions about your ACen badge please contact this department. For any panelist badge questions please contact Panel Programming. Registration will forward those emails to Panel Programming.

Special Needs Management -

If you have a medical condition, disability, or special circumstance and would like to know convention policy regarding your situation for lines, seating, access, etc. Please contact this department.
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