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On litter

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Posted 02 May 2012 - 09:03 PM

Hi, all. This gripe isn't about the con per se; it's more to do with the conduct of a few attendees.

I was out and about Saturday night and noticed quite a bit of litter between the con center and the Hyatt; for example, there were a few half-full McDonald's bags, water bottles, and sandwich wrappers scattered about. I have some photographs and video of the situation; I'll upload that in a bit, once I'm back at a location where I can upload that material.

I just want to ask people to be more mindful of how they handle waste, and to remind people you know to do the same. Trash cans are available at the front of the convention center and are placed throughout the hotels; please use them. It just keeps Rosemont in better condition.


EDIT: There is a possibility, of course, that that waste was left by non-attendees; I'm not sure. I just saw litter, picked up as much as I could, and tossed it out. So, in a case like that, I'd like to ask that people pick up litter when they see it, provided that it isn't gross/slimy/potentially a biohazard/you get the idea.

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