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AMERICAN COSPLAYS AND THE MASQUERADE Read before making 500 posts about it

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Posted 01 May 2012 - 11:33 PM

I'm closing the last thread and this is cross posted from the thread in gripes.

This American cosplay stuff is REALLY get out of hand. Guys we have a lot more stuff to worry about right now then whether or not the Masquerade is going to get an American cosplay category, especially since the entire department is still deciding whether or not they are staying. Posting this in EVERY THREAD including ones from LAST YEAR and starting new threads is getting ridiculous, so I am saying this ONCE:

We cannot check EVERY person that enters to make sure they are following the rules and we do NOT know EVERY single thing people are cosplaying from. We assume everyone is following the rules like they are supposed to. THAT BEING SAID, we did check entries this year.

Second, this is an anime and Japanese culture convention.

Third, allowing American cosplay would open a FLOOD GATE we're not sure we can handle. We are not short on entries and frankly we really don't want 500 My Little Pony and Homestuck skits.

Please please PLEASE just let this go for right now and ask about it at a much more appropriate time. We've already addressed this once this year, this is now the second time.
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