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(another...) Gun prop question

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Posted 14 April 2012 - 02:57 AM

I've got a couple questions regarding prop gun rules.

1: I've read that holsters are not allowed, it this true? I read this second hand from another website, but I wanted to be sure.
2: As mentioned airsoft guns with no clip and clear are allowed, as well as blue gun replicas. For the sake of cost (before I had a chance to read the forums) I purchased a black airsoft gun. I have removed all internals, filled the magazine hole, and it's now a solid non fireable prop. Would this be allowable if I A: painted it an acceptable color (such as blue), and B: painted the tip orange?

I just wanted to be sure if this would be allowed as I'd rather avoid any problems once I get there.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your answer.


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Posted 15 April 2012 - 01:01 PM

Hi there!

Please check out this thread (the official Costume & Prop Checklist thread) and its current gun prop replies, & consider posting either your question there or a link there to this thread, since it seems to have higher staff/IRT traffic. There's only a week and a half until the con, so it might just be best to post where they're most likely to see and answer in time.

Illinois (an possibly federal) law requires all gun props/lookalikes to have a distinctive orange tip that is clear and visible, so yes, you would have to paint that bright orange regardless.

A picture of the changes you have made might be needed to determine if the airsoft is now distinguishably not real, though as I'm not staff I cannot say for certain there (it might be a good idea to have one anyway, though, just in case). Depending on the state of it, they may say it is fine as is, or they may say indeed grab a can of paint & make some fiddly changes (add parts here, remove something there, etc). Without a picture it's hard to say at the moment what to anticipate, so best I can advise is posting in the prop thread, or PMing IRT staff like Valkyrie and hoping for a quick reply.

Best of luck with your prop and getting quick official answers!
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Posted 22 April 2012 - 03:06 PM

For what it's worth, please remember that Valkyrie is not a supervisor nor an ADH/DH and her opinions (as well as my own) can be over ruled by seated staff so your mileage may vary in response.

As far as the prop is concerned, remember if you use orange it must be "Blaze" orange, I.e florescent or Day glow. Otherwise a whole coating of blue on the gun will work as well. Now that being said, because it is a gun prop i'd always say swing by the IRT Pen/Prop check and get an official stamp of approval to cover your bases, all it takes is a minute or so and you'll save a headache later by getting it checked first and approved by the DH/ADH on duty.

-Jason W (Raze)

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