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i can haz brainz? zombie tag anyone?

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Posted 09 April 2012 - 12:13 AM

hey i was thinking it might be fun to play a game with a large group at acen, and wat better game in a highly populated area than :zombie: ZOMBIE TAG!!! :zombie:

now for those who might not know zombie tag is pretty much what it sounds like, its played much like regular tag where when you get tagged your "IT", only in zombie tag the person who tagged you is still also "IT" and the whole point of the game is to "survive" untill a set time limit. also i think ive thought of a good system for keeping track of who players are around the con, arm bands, i was thinking i could bring a few spools of ribbon and give players a length of both red and green to tie around there arms. red would be for "the living", green for "zombies"...and when you tag somone you would take there red ribbon. also to start we would atleast need one "zombie" so i would volonteer however if alot of people want to join we may need a few to start out. of course if people choose to start as zombies then that would b fine, but if no one wanted to then we could mark some of the red ribbons with a "Z" and that would mean those people also start as zombies.(kinda like drawing straws) also there would have to be a start/end times but we can sort that out later.

lol i think this could be a fun con activity, and feed back would be greatly appriciated so post here if interested and feel free to pm me as well
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