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A Fall and Winter of New Music

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Posted 29 September 2011 - 03:51 PM

I've noticed that several of my favorite artists are coming out with new singles and CDs in the latter months of 2011, which is just awesome since I absolutely adore music and love it when an artist I enjoy comes out with a new album.

So, what albums or singles are you looking forward to coming out for the last few months of the year? Or even any you know of coming out in 2012 - I'm sure plenty of artists are getting ready to place out a new album at or around the beginning of the year.

What I'm looking forward to:

Batman Arkham City Soundtrack (due out October 4th) - Various Artists - To be honest, I'm really just wanting the album to hit iTunes so I can get two specific tracks from it: Daughtry's Drown In You and Coheed and Cambria's Deranged. Thanks to IGN, Deranged was already released as a special preview, and being a major Coheed and Cambria fangirl I just have to get this single on my iPod. As for Drown In You...well, it's Daughtry and I haven't found a single song of theirs that I dislike in any fashion, so I'm pretty sure I'll like this one as well.

Evanescence (due out October 11th) - Evanescence - I fell in love with them when I was in high school, thanks to an introduction by my best friend at the time. When I found out they are releasing a new album for the first time in going on four or five years, I told myself I have to get it.

Break The Spell (due out November 21st) - Daughtry - Like I said before, there's not a single song done by them that I disliked. Their new singles, Renegade and Crawling Back To You, continue to prove that theory and show me that I'm going to love this new album.

Here and Now (due out November 21st) - Nickelback - This one is on my maybe list to pick up. I'm really hoping it won't be like Dark Horse, in which most of the songs were all about sex or drinking. While the music itself was enjoyable, the lyrics and messages kinda get annoying at one or two listens. I'd love it if it's something All The Right Reasons, where in the songs that dealt with those subjects the message was a little more subtle.
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Posted 29 September 2011 - 04:45 PM


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Posted 29 September 2011 - 05:40 PM

All I know is Megadeth is due up for a new album this winter called "Thirteen" which is coincidentally their thirteenth studio album. Ever since Dave became Christian and renounced playing with "death" metal bands they've sounded different. Not horrible, but their focus is has become more influenced because of that. More stuff like "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" or "Youthanasia" would be nice, though.

Metallica apparently has a new album in the pipe. I got their first five albums this summer, and have been hesitant to add "Load" "Reload" and "St. Anger". I haven't heard much of "Death Magnetic" but that had generally positive things about them. Though I do wonder about their ability to stay relevant, or at the very least, good.

The news of a new Daughtry excites me. He's one of the few musical acts now a days that doesn't make me want to plug my ears in disgust.

I'm just sad my favorite band Bloc Party decided to split up. They were too good to break up and I still get sad that I own their entire discography... of only three albums.

Wish I could find more music that didn't blow chunks I was excited about, but I'm a jaded kind of person.
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