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Who-vians Unite Seeking Doctor Who and Torchwood Cosplayers

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Posted 31 August 2011 - 11:51 PM

With a growing number of Doctors floating around, I figured Doctor Who and probably even Torchwood are probably raising a decent sized fan base to actually get a gathering started.

I'll be hitting up the convention as Captain Jack Harkness. If anyone plans to dress up as a Doctor Who or Torchwood character, we should totally organize something.

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Posted 01 September 2011 - 11:16 AM

WOOHOO!!! I'll definitely be there! The Doctor Who gathering was the BEST part of ACen for me last year, and I can't wait to come again! I'll be going as an anthro version of K-9.
(Also, if any of you living in the Chicago area are interested, the fifth Whoniverse photoshoot is coming up soon!)
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I'm open for costume-designing commissions!

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Posted 11 September 2011 - 05:09 PM

Not sure if we'll be going to ACen yet, but I'll be making a blonde Simm!Master cosplay with my lovely friend as Ten. ^^ But we'll definitely have them for Wizard World next year, if you guys are going there. :D
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Posted 14 September 2011 - 09:56 PM

If I have time to make it, I'll be going as a Dalek on Friday night, I think.

If not, I'll be a Weeping Angel, probably without the wings since I'm making the costume for Halloween and I don't have time/don't want to be an obstruction.

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Posted 19 September 2011 - 10:33 PM

My friend is making me a Dalek Dress for my birthday.
So either a Dalek, Fem!Captain Jack Harkness(which I love, but don't have a coat for) or Little Amy Pond.

I still don't know if I'm going to be going this year, I'm coming back from France sometime in April.
If I do I'll totally bring one of these three. (Mostly Jack, cause you can never have enough Harkness ;D )
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Posted 15 December 2011 - 05:40 AM

Awesome! I am working on my Jackie Tyler, Donna Noble & Gwen Cooper! I do have a Femme 11 that I just need to touch up a bit (either get shorts or a skirt, weather permitting & get my jacket cut for a woman). There's a another DW thread, so you might want to post there as well!!
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Posted 19 December 2011 - 11:20 AM

The DW gathering last year was enormous. In fact, I think it was the biggest gathering at the con.

*Whovian who doesn't count because she's only done one DW-related costume that wouldn't be allowed at a shoot because it's a design for the Twelfth Doctor with hints of Sylvester McCoy*
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