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Portal skit/walk-on [OPEN] Looking for more personality cores!

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Posted 26 May 2011 - 12:16 PM

I know it's really early to start thinking about next year's masquerade, but I have a costume idea that will be worn only IF I enter in the masquerade.
So, I was thinking about going as the Curiosity Core from Portal. I supposed that maybe I could gather anthro versions the other three cores and a GLaDOS for us to cling to for a walk-on. (Of course if people would like to do a skit like the final level of Portal if that's not too long, I'm all for that, too.) If you're not in a walk-on/skit yet and want to do something small, then I'd love for you to consider joining me, seeing as people probably aren't going to be personality cores out of choice.
My specifications are pretty lax: as long as it's apparent which core you are with the pretext that you are one, I'll accept it. GLaDOS should be easier to recognise in general, and I'd like a picture of your costume(because there's more than one GLaDOS out there). You may have cores as a part of your costume, but if it's recognisable without the cores and they're removable that would be even better. Again, as long as you can tell it's GLaDOS, I'll pretty much accept it.
While the cores have to be anthromorphic, GLaDOS does not. Also, if you want to join and don't know how to do the costume, give me your specifications and I'll make a design for you. (Also, if you have an interest in a non-anthro core, I'll consider it.)
Here's the thing about the skit: if I do find people interested and there's more excitement, I will start to seriously consider a skit. In the case of a skit, we'll probably be looking for a Chell, which won't be very hard to find.

As you can tell, I'm pretty lax about any specifications and anything right now because I'm really not sure if anyone'll be interested in joining me.
Thanks for your time and consideration!!!

EDIT: (Oh, and if this goes under "Seeking Cosplayers" or something, PLEASE MOVE IT! I've never done anything about the Masquerade before, so I have no idea where this is supposed to go. ^^;)

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