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Why can't we have nice things?

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Posted 05 June 2011 - 05:19 PM

This breaks my heart. Why would anyone do that?
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Posted 12 June 2011 - 07:48 AM

I was woundering if there was a post about this, i thought someone did this from the
inside and i couldn't figure out how they did it and no one see the person....

Yes it was late Sat night,me and my finance were out & about i was taking pictures and looking for anyone i knew, we were between the elevators and the glass doors that go to the room where the dome is..

At first i saw IRT security standing there talking then in a few min out of the corner
of my eye i saw 1 jump back like something had been dorpped on them... I was odd to see because my first thought was "What did the person jump for there's no upper floor or anything the someone could drop something on someone" :huh:

10-15 minutes later i saw the head of acen, someone from the hotel and another person
looking up at the spot the IRT person jump from so naturaly i had to strool by to
see what was up i coudn't believe it :w00t: someone acturaly broke a corner of the
glass dome

It was good that no one got hurt from any fallen glass from the dome but it's sad
that someone had "NONTHING ELSE BETTER TO DO!!!!!!"

There's always some type of destructon going on at acen, if i see someone doing
something like that i'll contact someone, they do stuff like this because (most of the
time) they will get away with it because no one saw how did it....

As far as getting more IRT's it's not as easy as that, they have to qualify, get
the amount they want/need and sometimes it doesn't happen....

(quote) ranefea
I'm getting sick and tired of inconsiderate morons doing crap like this. It makes EVERYONE look bad and in the end affects the entire convention. When ACen has to pay for damages, that's less money for awesome things the next year. =(

I agree ranefa, it's the few that do stuff like this that makes all of us "aceners"
as i call us sometimes look bad...

(quote)The Fujoshi
I hope you do get them and post them in the program book along with the guy who ripped out the urinals.

I didn't hear about this.... when and where did this happen?????

there was also some someone in the soap bubble who decided that i would be a good idea to take one of 5 gallon water jugs still filled with tons of water and throw it in the middle of the floor....

Sad sad sad :(

Believe or not there's has been worse things to happen during acen, there were a
couple of acen years i wasn't sure if con would be welcomed back to the hotel because of all the damage that was done but it's still there for now.....

Later B)

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Posted 12 June 2011 - 10:32 PM

It seems the best strategies have been mentioned.

1. surveillance: I find it difficult to believe that the hotel doesn't have surveillance in hallways or balcony areas. I work in 2 different public institutions and you can be sure that the first thing we turn to is surveillance recordings when having problems. It would at least allow an idea of who was in a particular room/area when an incident happened. Even if offenders couldn't be legally prosecuted, it might be sufficient evidence to ban them from future cons. Recordings don't lie, and it's much more difficult to discredit, unlike witness reports.

2. no balcony rooms: No balconies means less opportunities to throw things off and witness the marvel of gravity.

3. check id's: No one wants their behavior getting back to Mommy or Daddy, so for those breaking curfew or drinking laws, whether at the soap bubble or in private rooms, this could be a big deterrant and take away some of the free-for-all atmosphere. After all it's a thrill to break the rules, but if the odds of getting caught are high, the thrill will diminish. It's standard procedure for anyone of age going out to bring an id, so most people of age shouldn't have a problem with this. It would mean IRT would have to be vigilant in checking them, and it's never fun to be the heavy and tell people that the have to stop their behavior "OR ELSE," but it's necessary.

4. put real names (and possibly pics) on badges: I'm all for privacy, but if you can look at an offender and identify them quickly by their badge, it would seem to me to make IRT/Rosemont public safety's job that much easier. The only issue is with minors being identified, not sure if there's any restrictions/rules about this.

So far it's been's only so long before someone really gets hurt. If that means a reasonable amount of restrictions for everyone's safety, imo, so be it.
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Posted 01 August 2011 - 09:53 AM

View Postmanga1, on 25 May 2011 - 10:28 PM, said:

Lettuce? lol I guess just spitting over the rail ain't good enough for them anymore.

but seriously Why people why would you bust out a convex window of a stairwell what point does that prove. I am in favor of public display of humilliation during the masquarade like public harikari, or they get stuffed into a garbage can and each one of the people gets to take turns wacking them with a yaoi paddle, hardcore side. seriously when will people just stop and think, throwing coins or writting on the wall is one thing but doing structural damage is unlawful, dangerous, and a good way to make the hotel people mad enough to raise our rates for the weekend, and or tell us we are not welcome there.

what is with the people that do this stuff, what will it take banning alcohol from the convention?

I dont know what are you going to do search people as they come into the hotel?

signed Jeremy manga1

I'm so blown away by this level of idiocy, I'm not sure what to say. I'm truly sorry I can't offer some solution to this problem, as I want ACen to be the most enjoyable it can be for everyone.

I don't think banning alcohol will solve the problem, since many of the dibsh*ts who act like this turn out to be underage. I think it's a good first step, but that would also likely piss off the con-goers who basically only came to get shwasted at their room parties.

I couldn't make it to the con this year but I'm hoping to return in 2012. I hope someone saw whoever did this and that they come forward, and at the very least the degenerate can be banned from attending future cons.
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