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Jump in on a beta campaign? **for a new Role play system**

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Posted 02 May 2011 - 01:00 PM

I'm currently hammering out rules for a new post apocalyptic role play system and (progress from the next 20 days pending) plan on running a beta campaign either in my hotel room at the double tree or in the tabletop gaming room.

All rolls will be based on D10 dice so if you're planning on joining in on this bring alot of them.

The setting in narrative,

"The world was ending, and we couldn't do anything but watch until the lights went out. Twenty cataclysmic events over four years, mankind didn't stand a chance. I was in the middle of it all, I saw the pillar of smoke when Yellowstone blew, and that was a thousand miles away. No one stood a chance. I saw the waves push through every waterway from the eastern seaboard, rivers flowing backwards carrying cars and homes and bodies in their tumultuous fury. I heard the winds of the first documented hypercaine tearing at my Midwest suburban neighborhood, I felt the ground shake, as the West coast divorced itself from the continental US. I heard the radio chatter scrambling interceptors in an attempt to stop another nuclear attack. I tasted my own blood in my mouth, I felt the recoil of my government issue rifle hitting hard and often at my shoulder. I've felt my loved one's lives slip away from their bodies. There has to be something out there better than this, there has do be something better than nothing."

In prose,
In the near future, earth is pushed to the brink of death by a series of catastrophic events. With an amount of damage that no society great or small could even begin to recover from mankind fell into a survival mode. Now, 30 years after the final meteoric assault on our planet, humanity is starting to crawl out of its hiding spots. While it is by no means an easy life, people are once again starting to stake a claim on the wastes and ruins. It's a rough place to make a living, and there are no laws, no governments, no crime, and no punishment...Only instinct, and a will to survive.

Strange things have happened in the years since what some say was Judgement day. New creatures started to emerge, Often appearing as enormous cousins of their predecessors. Trauma has had divisive effects on people. Some claim to have awakened psychic acuity, and say they see brief glimpses into the near future, but that it is more than mere deja-vu. Others, unable to cope with the thought of a world without society, without culture, without anything they thought made them human simply ceased to be human. The world has become brutal and unforgiving, and the only to make due is to take what you need and never back down.

I'm really too distracted writing rule systems right now to work on fluff, but if you're interested let me know, and I'll get the character sheet and character creation materials and we can run a campaign.
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