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ACEN 2011 AMV Contest FAQ

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Posted 23 January 2011 - 06:05 AM

Perform Quality Control
The majority of the tech problems we see with submissions are the result of poor Quality Control. Do not create extra work for yourself. Just because your file plays in your media player do not assume you have formatted it properly. Always double check your file and compare the output you encoded. If you burned a disc don't assume a verify pass means its good. You must play back the file and watch it all the way through.

A program like is useful for checking your file's formatting from its header but you should still always watch the entire video through to see if there are problems. Programs like this can often report things slightly different from playback so it still does not hurt to triple check and use another program to check and see how the file is actually being decoded.

Recommended FTP Software

When you receive your FTP account information via e-mail it will also include instructions to download and use a very simple FTP program called pwolftp. It was designed to be a simple 1 click upload system for uploading AMVs. If you do not already use another FTP program or cannot figure out how to use the one listed above we suggest you try this one.

Ngsilver Contest Site Errata
1) If you specify a creator name that will be used to identify you in your entry's credits. If you want to be credited by your real name or there is some special circumstance then please write appropriate notes in the Video entry's comments.

I signed up for an account on the entry site but didn't receive an activation code
1. Check your spam box and spam settings. Certain popular email services categorize correspondence from the system as spam, this includes the activation code.
2. If you find the email with the activation code in your spam folder please alter your settings to allow correspondence from the system and follow the directions in the email to activate your account.
3. If the email you signed up to the system is a false email address or you entered it in wrong you will need to contact the system administrator to sort out your issue. We have to have a PROPER email address on file as that will be used for correspondence from the system as well as staff in regards to the contest.
4. If you don't find the email then contact acen [AT] ngsilver [DOT] com with the user name and email address that you signed up with. Please contact the administrator from the same email account that you signed up for the system with.
5. You will receive a reply within 72 hours containing your activation code. Log into the system and enter the activation code when asked.

The FTP Process
1. Enter your video information in the system
2. Go to the Entry Status Page and Click "Submit FTP Request"
3. Wait up to 3 days for an email containing your FTP account information
4. Upload your video
5. Return to the Entry Status Page and click "Close FTP Account"
6. Wait for further contact from the administration (if there is a problem) or check the status page for updates, such as your video being accepted.
7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each video you wish to send

What to do if you don't get an email within 3 days of sending your FTP Request
1. Check your spam boxes and filter settings to see if the message was marked as spam
2. Verify that the email you provided the system is correct and still accurate
3. Go to the Entry Status Page and see if FTP info is listed for your video, if it is then simply use it
4. If you still don't see info then close your account and then open a new one (click close account, then click open account)
5. Wait another 3 days for info
6. If no info is sent to you or you don't see it listed in the entry status at this point, finally send an email to: acen [AT] ngsilver [DOT] com or submit an administration error request in the system.

My entry was disqualified and I want to re-submit
2) Read very carefully the comments our staff have left in the comments field regarding the disqualification (DQ). If there is anything in the comments you do not understand then e-mail requesting additional information.
2) If you are using FTP submission then request another account and follow the same procedure for the re-submission.
3) If you are mailing then just mail it again.
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