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Ramencon Merrillville, IN

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Posted 22 August 2011 - 08:16 AM

It was awesome to see some of you guys there! Pictures are going up on their facebook page.

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Posted 04 September 2011 - 11:48 PM

Hey guys,

It's been a few weeks past but I have a request! If you attended Ramencon, please leave some comments, gripes, etc. for us if you wouldn't mind. This way, we can plan accordingly for 2012!

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Posted 15 October 2011 - 12:03 AM

Click Here for Con Spoilers ~ That video is the gist of some of the highlights of the con. I'm the girl in the middle of the video with the green wig and lolita outfit who got sang to by Fanservice Renji. Ramencon was the time of my life! For a small con it did REALLY well and was LOTS of fun. Not only did Travis Willingham autograph my glowing prop sword, he sang me a Happy Birthday song about "Tiny Mini Skirts", answered a few of my questions (was ABSOLUTELY hilarious I was laughing so hard I started crying.) Sneak Peek at Travis Panel -- Im the Stocking Cosplayer who asked the very last question (The panel was like an hour and a half long so I got to ask a lot of questions they just didnt get caught on video) This will give you an idea of how funny he is.

When we went up to get his autograph too he knew who me and my friend were because the staff had been talking about these drunk guys that started hitting on us (mostly her because she was in her yoko cosplay.) I got referred to as a weird Goth because of the cosplay I was in. Lmao. The pool was AMAZING. I relaxed beneath the waterfall and went in the hot tubs every single day. I got to hang with Anthony Paray, a super amazing photographer, had a room party with balloons, Pizza Hut Pizza, all sorts of snacks and soda's and had tons of people in my room preparing for the rave. We had hundreds of glow sticks and made our cosplay props even more amazing. So many good friends of mine showed up that I had barely met at Anime Central so I got some close quality time with them that weekend as well as meeting many new people. Karaoke was loads of fun! The rave was great and we got to go on stage and dance for a while. For a small con it was booming and very fun, I felt at the center of the con and well known since it was a smaller con. Many very well known cosplayers and photographers attended, one of my friends who attended AWC said Ramencon was WAY better (because he went to Ramencon one day and AWC another day)

I didn't get to catch the Quest Friday Night (because of getting there on Friday so late) but everything on Saturday and Sunday was AMAZING. I was able to conduct my own mini photoshoots too on Friday night and got some really good shots. The waterfall pool with rocks in the lobby made for some amazing scenery and cool action shots of my Yoko cosplayer with her rifle. The game room was pretty booming and fun also, had some really good new games and lots of people in and out of it. I also got to see the kinect in action. I've never been to ACEN's game room but this game room for a small con definitely offered some fun things for a small con. The hotel staff was very kind and security was really on the ball at the convention and doing their job. I have a feeling this convention will be twice as large next year, its at a great location (the hotel itself is surrounded with restaurants, stores and has a very nightlife feel to it) There's a DQ chill and grill within walking distance and a walmart and a few other things I didn't take a good look at. Renji hooked me and my friends up with front row seats to the anime catwalk (which was very entertaining and exactly how a cosplay competition should be) There were surprisingly A LOT of good cosplayers and some HILARIOUS acts. The audience was very involved with the catwalk and very hyped up. My friends and I got personally talked to and given things by the cat walk cosplayers. A Sebastian threw his black rose at me, my friend Ki-kun got owned by a girl singing hilarious Pokeman rap, a Spike cosplayer did his famous bang towards our group, The Daft Punk cosplayers who show up at ACEN also gave us a little shoutout. I got to hug them and was so excited to see them at the con! I felt so pimp with them as arm candy.

Saturday was definitely a day of excitement for me. The anime catwalk had so much to offer for me, front row seats, personal recognition by the anime cat walk cosplayers and many laughs and my friend being burned by the girl on stage. Carmeldansen with some very well known cosplayers and the Daft Punk guys. Then me being pulled on stage by Renji to get a special song sang to me along with a bouquet of flowers. I said to myself, "There's no way this night is getting any better than what just happened to me." Wouldn't you know it? After the catwalk me and Ki-kun went out to my car to get my other shoes for the rave, I ran into Travis Willingham in the parking lot who wished me Happy Birthday again. Then when we got closer to the the door, I realized the guy he was hanging out with was TROY BAKER. Who said, "This is the birthday girl? Well Happy Birthday Ashley!" And I got high fived by the duo. They followed us inside and we parted ways -- I ran back to my room in excitement to tell my friends. When going to the rave I got to dance with Envy Kitty (A famous Paine cosplayer who also cosplays Big Daddy from Bioshock and a Witch from Left 4 Dead) I got to also sing Karaoke and do a duet and hear some of my own friends do karaoke. Finally around 2am, we relaxed on a couch upstairs by the karaoke room, next to a piano and winding stairs. A guy we had met Friday hung out with us on the couch and a guy I met in Karaoke (Dolowat), along with a Harley Quinn Cosplayer, the guy sitting next to me we met on Friday was VERY hilarious and handsome. He was pretty buzzed (He was old enough to drink) and he got on the piano and started to play me Happy Birthday, it was adorable. After that I learned he's the manager and singer for the band Arc Impulse that was booked at the convention and he also appeared on television on the TLC show just recently called Four Weddings as a wedding singer. The convention definitely made me feel like a celebrity and gave me the great opportunity of getting close with well known cosplayers, famous singers, and anime voice actors. I DEFINITELY recommend this convention. Even if its small there's so much to do and its located in a very comfortable enviornment, allows for quality time with good people and a better chance to get one on one time with big names. I was definitely not disappointed and most of my experiences at this convention surpassed those I had at Anime Central 2011. Ramencon was like a pre-Acen meet up for me, old faces from ACEN showed up and the convention pumped me up for making my experience at Anime Central 2012 just as exciting as what happened to me at Ramencon. Merrillville isn't very far away and was fairly easy to find. The traffic was not at all bad from where I live to Indiana and the drive was fun and interesting. I suggest if you go to this con, take close friends~! You'll have the time of your life. Even if you don't find yourself doing much there's the waterfall pool, game rooms, and excitement around every corner.
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Posted 13 December 2011 - 12:47 PM

gonna go 2012 since i was on a awsomethis year 1

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