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Hotel 2011 FAQ

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Posted 11 January 2011 - 12:15 AM

Hey Everyone,

SongstressLenne and Brent Warren here to help answer your common hotel questions! A lot of questions do get buried and duplicated and I want to make an easy answer guide to the questions as we both see them. We put in a lot of hard work into this FAQ to make your experience of booking and staying at these wonderful hotels more enjoyable!

I provided links to individual hotel answers if applicable, versus copying and pasting to save room and for easier finds. I will be adding each hotels answer as room blocks are released. :)

Hyatt Site FAQ
Embassy Site FAQ
Double Tree Site FAQ
Hilton Rosemont FAQ
Aloft FAQ

Use Ctrl+F or APPLE and F [for mac users] to search keywords for your answer.

ACen 2011 Hotel FAQ

1. How old do I have to be to reserve a room?
It solely is up to the hotel on the age that they consider appropriate to reserve a room. Commonly it is 18 or 21 and we do not have reference links currently for exact ages. Please do not ask for us to call hotels and make an exceptions, rules are rules.

2. I found out I need to be 21 in order to book the room and there is no one that is staying with me that is 21 to book the room. What can I do?
You need to have someone 21 reserve and be present for checking in and out and being on the property during the convention. We cannot change this for anyone and we ask that you please respect the hotel's minimum age requirement.

3. Do I need a credit card to reserve a room?
The quick answer is yes. There are some hotels that will accept reservations without a credit card if you give a deposit or some other kind of "guarantee" for the room. Some hotels may also allow complete prepayment. Contact the hotel directly to see if they have other reservation options available.

4. Do I need to pay in full when I check in?
Talk to the hotel about if they request you pay for the stay at check in or check out, every hotel is different. Note: Debit bank cards depending on your bank might hold the funds as "pending" including the deposit and you may not be able to access them during your stay. When in doubt talk to your bank and ask how they treat these type of transactions as funds that are already considered deducted from your total available balance.

Hyatt Payment Policy

5. What if I need to cancel my reservation?
Each hotel's policy is different please see the below links:
Hyatt's Policy
Hilton's Policy
Double Tree's Policy
Embassy's Policy

5.What are the check-in/out times?
Hyatt: Check-In Time: 3:00pm Check-Out Time: 12:00pm
Double Tree:Check-In: 3:00 PM/Check-Out: 12:00 PM
Embassy:Check-in: 3:00 PM/Check-out: 12:00 PM
Hilton: Check-In: 3:00 PM - Check-Out: 12:00 PM
Aloft: Check in: 03:00 PM Check out: 12:00 PM

If you need a later check-out or earlier check-in, when you reserve please discuss the option beforehand.

6. I will be arriving earlier than the check-in time and I will not have a place to store my luggage, what do I do?

Hotels will most likely be able to hold your luggage until check in time. Politely ask the front desk when you arrive if this is possible so you do not have to sit in the lobby and patiently guarding your luggage.

7. What is each hotel room actually include accommodation wise and what does each room type look like? Do we get tv, fridges, hairdryers?
Hyatt: http://www.rosemont....description.jsp

Embassy: http://www.embas

Double Tree: http://hilton605-px....2F5810267.etc52 *Click on "Amenities" for what each room type has*

Hilton Rosemont [Formerly Sofitel]: http://www1.hilton.c...96F83296D.etc82 *Click on "Amenities" for what each room type has*

Aloft: http://www.starwoodh...propertyID=3124

Warning: Hotel fridges are tricky and not always a free accommodation. Certain hotel can clear out fridges or lock them if you do not want any surprises popping up on your bill please request this ahead of time. Unless there is a sign saying complimentary there will most likely be a charge to that jar of peanuts.

8. How many people can I fit in my hotel room?
The answer is up to four adults and you need to check with the hotel depending the age of the child [Children are considered 12 and under in most cases]. Be honest when you reserve, do not claim for two people when you are having four. The hotel needs to properly prepare for every person that will staying at the hotel and you are dishonest there may be a shortage of towels, linens and staff. [Honestly can also be rewarded ;D]. If the hotel catches you with more than the max room allowance, it is the hotel's decision on if there will be repercussions.

9. I'm going with a group that is larger than allotted 4 occupancy, what can I do?
When you reserve ask what they can do to accommodate your situation. They may be able to provide a suite that can allow more than four people or give conjoined rooms.

Note: Hotel may have a max number of rooms you can reserve.

10. I really want to bring my pet. Is there a policy?
Hotel room policies will vary BUT remember ACen will only allow service animals in the convention center .

Hyatt: Unknown
Hilton: Pets: Allowed Maximum size: Large Maximum weight: 75 lbs Pet Service Fee: USD 50.00 Non-Refundable Fee
Double Tree: Maximum size: Medium Maximum weight: 50 lbs Pet Service Fee:USD 25.00 Non-Refundable Fee
Services: $100 deposit/ $75 refundable at check out
Embassy: Pets up to 30 pounds. A deposit of $100 is required, with $25 non-refundable.
Aloft: Up to 40lbs but call 1-877-232-5638 to check which hotels provide this service

11. What is the smoking policy?
The state of Illinois has a strict smoking policy that restricts people from smoking unless in designated areas. Please call the hotel in regards to where they are. Please be respectful and only smoke in designated areas and not in hallways or areas that are less than fifteen feet from public building, restaurants and entrances. Illinois Smoking Policy

12. Do we get free Wireless internet?
Unfortunately, no please contact the hotel you will be staying at for daily access costs.

13. I want to bring my consoles to play video games, are there proper A/V outlets?
Call the hotel to ask, the front desk will more than likely be able to provide the proper access if you brings the correct cables when you arrive at the hotel.

14. My parking rate wasn't confirmed the same rate as the official room block rate when received my confirmation, what gives?
Parking rates may not appear immediately same due the hotel's website or auto email confirmation not discounting the rate. We are fully aware of this and will make sure when you check in, you get the acen room block parking rate.

Have a questions that isn't in the FAQ? Ask here. As questions are answered they will be added for to the FAQ:

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