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Ghouls Feast A tale for soon to be lost souls

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 11:30 AM

I recall a tale that a stranger once told me. It was at dusk one night where the moon was full and blood red. This stranger walked up from behind me and placed his hand on my shoulder. His hand was long and fragile. It seemed that his hand was nothing but skin and bone. As I recall, I turned around to see that it was not only his hand but it looked like his entire body was nothing but skin and bones. It was a man in his late 80's. He was hunched over placing what seemed all his weight on a can he held in his other hand. Although he was hunched over the cane, he still towered over me. He stared into my eyes, and I into his. His eyes seemed dark and cold as if he already had one foot in the grave. He opened his mouth and began to speak in a raspy, whithering voice, "Hear me out boy. Don't interupt me and listen to what I have to say. I am about to tell you a tale. This tale is true and it is a warning. Heed my warning boy, or what happens in the story shall happen to you."

I stared at the man. I remember wanting to run away as fast my legs could take me, but my body wouldn't listen to my desires. So there I stood as he began his tale.

"It all began on a stormy evening. Five kids had gone camping for the weekend; like they have done all summer. It was the end of October, and the kids thought it would be fun to go camping one more time before it got extremely cold. Their names were Jack, Fred, James, Nancy, and Stacy. They were all 16 years old except Nancy who had just turned 17. Since the storm was very severe all five stayed in the boys tent huddled around the lattern. They had been spending the evening telling old tales and scary stories that they have heard trying to one up the previous person. It hand gotten extremely late and the storm continued. The kids have been telling scary stories all summer and they all enjoyed spooking each other. When it had gotten to James turn, James went to his backpack and pulled out an old weathered book.
Fred exclaimed, 'Hey that's cheating James! We all told stories without using a book!'
'I took this from my dad, Fred. You know he just got back from that dig in Austria? He specifically told me not to even go near this book because he had found it in some catacomb he had stumbled across. Well you know me, whatever he tells me not to do; I go and do it.' replied James.
'What is it about?' asked Nancy.
'Not sure... It just looked interesting and I figured it would be fun to see what was inside...' responded James.
'Well if it is stupid, I am gonna make you sleep outside!' exclaimed Jack.
'Fine!' stated James as he began to open the book. The storm that had been downpouring suddenly stopped. 'Odd...' stated Jame while looking around.
'Well... what does it say?' asked Stacy.
James flipped to the first page. He looked down towards the book and began to read from the book, 'Ause ben icht noche. Res trobus iven nehr...'
'What the H*@l is that suppose to mean?' shouted Jack. James didn't respond, but just continued to read from the book. Jack grabbed James and began to shake him. 'I asked you a question idiot!' exclaimed Jack. As Jack shook James, James just continued to chant whatever was in the book. Fred grabbed the book from James, but James still chanted. That was when Nancy noticed that James eyes looked lifeless and glazed over.
'What is wrong with James?' questioned Nancy.
'I... don't... know..." stated Stacy. Suddenly the lattern went out. A green glow will came from the lattern. James finished chanting as he looked up with a demonic smile. His skin looked as if it had decayed because of the green glow. 'How are you doing this James? This is a joke right?' questioned Stacy with panic in her voice.
James began to cackle. 'This is neither a joke or a trick, girl,' stated a raspy voice coming from behind her. Everyone turned to look who had spoken. There stood a creature that was lengthy and decayed looking. 'Thank you boy for freeing me... but I don't need you anymore...' the creature said. And as he said this, James collapsed as if he was a puppet and his strings were cut. Nancy grabbed James to see if he was alright.
'Hhheee's d-dead...' Nancy stated as her face went pale.
'Of course he is dead! He has been dead for days!' cackled the ghoulish creature. 'I have been feeding on his soul since he first opened that book! Now that I have more delicious looking souls to feast on there is no reason to feast on a soul that I have been devouring for days.'
'You can't have my soul!' shouted Jack.
The ghoul continued to cackle. 'You soul is mine as I please! Anyone that hears or reads the first sentence from the chant forfeited their souls to me! But I am a generous ghoul... I will only nibble on your soul if you will tell people of what has happened tonight. And when you tell them this tale, make sure you use the first couple lines of the chant in it too. If you do not, I will be there and devour your body and soul! Do I have your promises that you all will spread this tale?' cackled the Ghoul. The kids all nodded in agreement out of fear and despiration. 'Good... Oh and tell them that they must spread this tale with the chant as well or I will devour their soul and body.' The ghoul smiled, turned, and faded away..."

The old man looked into my eyes and had a devilish smile on his face. "Now spread this tale with the chant, or I will come back and eat your soul and body!" the old man cackled as he turned and faded away.

So spread this tale with the chant or your soul and body will be his...

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Posted 31 October 2010 - 12:29 PM

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