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2011 Artist Alley / Art Show Rules and Regulations Rules and Regulations

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Posted 23 June 2010 - 08:56 AM

Artist's Alley Rules

1. Sales: Artist Alley is a place for artists (and other creative individuals) to promote and sell their work. Therefore anything sold at the table must be a product of your own creative work (or a team member, if you work with others).

a. For example, if you've drawn a comic, you can sell that comic, even if it was commercially printed through a publisher.

b. Read up on copyright and Fair Use-this is great information! : http://www.copyright.../fls/fl102.html

c. If you aren't sure something is sell-able in the alley, please ask the DH before the convention, so that there are no surprises.

d. You cannot sell commercially produced or unlicensed anime or manga items. This includes the resale of manga, DVDs,clothing, plushies, and figurines, ect. Fan art is allowed.

e. You also may not use downloaded, scanned, or redrawn copies of images that are not your own work to create merchandise to sell. (Here's an example: You cannot download an image from the web and silk-screen it on to t-shirts and sell those in the Alley.) You may not duplicate existing licensed merchandise in any form-clothing, figurines, etc.

f. The use of professional machines/Industrial machines and products (excluding 1a) is prohibited in the artist alley. These are products which belong in the Dealers hall and will not be permitted in the Alley. (I.E. the use of compressors or vinyl cut printers belongs in the dealers' room but a manual press button machine or products made on a home manual sewing machine are acceptable for the Alley.)

g. You should be able to prove that work is your own if asked. (I.E. your signature, other examples of your work,trademark/copyright notice, etc.)

h. Final determination of appropriateness is at the discretion of the Artist Alley DH.

i. Due to RCC's catering contract, you may not make available any food or drink items to convention attendees. This includes offering food or candies to people. Doing this leads to a breach in contract and will result in immediate expulsion with no refund.

j. Adult materials need to be covered or otherwise kept from the reach of minors. Please be responsible in your transactions-purchase and handling of adult materials must involve an ID check.Adult materials may only be sold by adults who are of legal age and can provide proof, otherwise they will be unable to sell this merchandise, asked to remove it from the Artist Alley if not removed then the offender(s) will be required to surrender their badge. Adult materials include all adult themed art and weaponry (fake or real). If it is found that you are selling to minors you will be removed immediately. MAPS reserves the right to require artists to remove items from public display if they are deemed unsuitable to the standards set by MAPS. This is enforced.

k. Please be considerate of other artists with displays, music, etc.

l. Creative displays (easels, tablecloths,backdrops and the like) are encouraged, but be certain that your display doesn't interfere with others' space. Music, videos, etc. should not disturb others. Basically, we're asking you to be a good neighbor, because we all very much value the community that is the Artist's Alley.

m. You may not front a table from the Dealers hall, if found doing so your table and badge will be removed and no refund will be issued.

n. If you or one of your studio member's is not the Artist of the work you sell you may not sell that artwork.

o. In addition a studio member may not belong to multiple studios.

2. Space Management and Safety:Do not place items in the walkways in front of or behind your table space.Space allowed behind tables is sufficient for backdrops, etc. without interfering in the walkways. As the space behind your tables is designated for backdrops and your supply space having people sitting in the walkway behind your tables interferes with traffic of other artists who are trying to move out of their tables to go to the bathroom or eat. This goes back to being courteous to your neighbors. You are not allowed to have people sitting behind your table, blocking exits. Punishment for using space, any space whether it is behind, next to, in front of your table or on the opposite side of the artist alley can include but are not limited to: You being asked to leave the alley, Not being allowed back the following year, or removal of offenders' badge. 3. Access: Access to the Alley outside of business hours is restricted to selected Anime Central staff and individuals wearing special Exhibitor /Artist badges. Access is only allowed during the special times laid out on the schedule any other time you will not be allowed in, there will be no exceptions. I.E. If you forget something in the Alley you will not be allowed back into the hall. 4. Badge: No individual will be allowed to sell merchandise without an exhibitor or artist badge. The only valid place of business during Anime Central is the contracted space(s)inside the Exhibit Hall. If you are found selling merchandise outside the Exhibit Hall without the express, written consent of MAPS, you risk being declared in breach of contract. This will result in removal of all table privileges and removal from the convention.

a. To receive a badge to sell in the Artist Alley/Art Show you must pre-register for a regular convention badge through the regular Registration system for Anime Central.

5. Space is assigned: Please do not move tables without the permission and aid of the Artist Alley staff.The configuration is designed for accessibility, safety and good flow of traffic. If a table needs to be moved for purposes of unloading, display set-up, etc, please inform a staff member before the convention. We will attempt to honor all reasonable requests.

a. You must remain at the table you are assigned to. You may not move to another table without written permission of the Artist Alley staff. We will endeavor to give table assignments ahead of time, to ease setup.

b. However, circumstances may change ahead of time, so you may be moved to another spot. We will attempt to contact you,but we cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience this may cause.

c. You cannot request table spaces, you may ask to be near someone but we will not guarantee that you will be able to be near them.

d. Any table swaps must be approved by both parties and the Artist Alley DH or ADH. Forms must be signed by all parties. Keep in mind that table swaps will not be reflected on any maps or signs.

e. If you have not leased a power drop, you may not tap into a power drop without receiving permission from the artists that have leased the power drop and by paying the lease fee while at con. If you are found stealing power you will be fined the price of leasing the powerdrop and your use of the power will be terminated.

6. Attendance: Please plan to be in attendance at your table for a reasonable amount of time. If you do not claim the space by 9:00 am Friday, and have not made contact with the Artist's Alley DH to make other arrangements, we will release your space for at-con rental. 7. Refund Policy: If you register for a table and pay but find you cannot make it these are important dates for you. To receive a full refund you must place a formal request by February 28th, 2011. After February 28th, 2011 you will have a period of time between then and April 4th, 2011 where you can receive a half refund. After April 4th, 2011 no refunds will be issued. The refund only applies to Artist Alley Tables, Art Show Flats or Tables, and power drops, not to badges. 8. Staff Requests: Please follow all requests of con staff. Failure to do so may cause the loss of your table without refund. If there is a dispute with a staff request or you feel the need to have something explained further, please see Phillip Schmidt(Artist Alley / Art Show DH), Artist Alley ADH, the Art Show ADH and they will try to resolve the dispute as quickly as possible. 9. Loss/Damage: MAPS cannot beheld responsible for loss or damages to your property while at the con. Please keep an eye on your belongings, merchandise and supplies. Be community minded and report any suspicious activity to the staff. Please do not attempt to detain shoplifter's yourself-call out to staff; we have people trained to handle it. You also need to report individuals who are taking photos of your art that you have not authorized to do so, as you see fit. We will endeavor to put a stop to such actions. 10. Breaks: You are allowed to leave your tables for breaks. We encourage these breaks to be no longer then30 minutes, and it is recommended that you remove items of value when you leave. We respectfully suggest that you do not let anyone you don't know handle money at your table in your absence. If you feel you will be gone for more than30 minutes, either bring along an accomplice or two to watch your space or you must make arrangements with the staff at the alley staff table to sign out for the day. This is to encourage artists to stay in the alley while it is open; an empty alley makes other artists look bad. If you abandon your table for the day, shortly after the alley opens, without signing out, your table may be released to other artists. I.E. if you want to go the masquerade but need to leave early, make arrangements and it'll be fine, but if you show up for maybe two hours out of every day, and someone wants space, you could lose it if you have not made arrangements. 11. Binding Contract: When you contract space and submit your paperwork, you acknowledge that by signing the contract that you agree to the terms contained in it. That includes these terms. Please, read the contract and ask questions regarding anything you don't understand. If you fail to read this contract prior to signing, you risk being declared in breach of contract. Breaking these rules may result in the loss of your space in Artist Alley without refund. Please direct questions or concerns to the Artist Alley DH. Art show staff reserves the right to refuse to display work that does not comply with our guidelines. Art Show Submission Guidelines 1. All work displayed must be your own. Traced/copied work will be removed at the discretion of the Art Show DH / ADH. (For example, you may not freehand copy an existing piece of official art to place in the art show, even if you change colors or small details.) 2. All artwork must have an anime/manga/Japanese culture theme or style. 3. Models/sculptures that are free-standing should have good support. These pieces will be placed on available table space. You may also attach some form of hanging device. 4. Flat artwork must be mounted, matted, or framed. This is for the protection of both the art and the Art Show's patrons.

a. Construction paper, plain paper backings, plastic sheet protectors, and binders cannot be substituted for mattes, foam board, or frames.

b. All framed pieces must have a hook or line from which the piece can be securely hung flat against the grid using standard hooks.

c. Flat artwork will be hung on 2x6grid-wall panels and must be prepared accordingly. Art and matting intended for placement on an art flat must be no more than 2 feet in width and 6 feet in height. Please contact the Art Show DH to discuss placement of larger pieces.

d. Matted/Mounted pieces will be suspended with clips and hung on hooks. Please prepare your pieces accordingly. Artists will be responsible for bringing the supplies to hang their work.

e. Artwork that is not properly prepared will not be hung, and we cannot be held responsible for damage. It is also your responsibility to secure your pieces so they are not easily pocketed. We are not responsible for stolen works, we will endeavor to monitor the art show the best we can.

5. All pieces of artwork must be submitted with a control sheet (Template will be provided during the pre-registration process) containing:

a. Title of Piece

b. Studio / Artist name or pseudonym

c. Medium of piece

d. Source Anime (If any) including names of characters depicted.

e. NFS / Quick-Sale / Minimum Bid information (In whole dollars only)

6. Due to low submission volumes and the family friendly atmosphere, adult themed works will not be accepted this year. This includes even tasteful nudity. Works such as these should be sold at the artists table with proper ID checks. 7. We reserve the right to move or change the way your artwork is displayed if necessary. 8. No photographs may be taken in the art show except by the artist for the purpose of archiving his or her own work. 9. Please restrict the number of not for sale (NFS) items to five (5). These pieces must be marked clearly as NFS on the bid sheet and by notifying the DH before the convention date for a special not for sale display sheet. 10. The final sale of a piece is at the discretion of the artist. If the artist wishes to cancel the bids and remove their work from the auction they may do so, the Art staff will respect your wishes. 11. Artists may choose to include business cards or contact information with their submissions, or in their art show display space. Inclusion of contact information so that contact may be made for commissioned work is at the sole discretion of the artist. 12. Art Show staff will not give out artist contact information to attendees at the convention, with the exception of explaining to convention-goers where artists are located in Artist's Alley, in order to direct potential sales to the artists. 13. If you are unable to attend the convention you may sell your work by proxy. The agent shares the same responsibilities to hang and pick up the artwork on your behalf. Artists using an agent must include a listing of their work with titles and prices noted and a signed affidavit from you authorizing the agent to handle the work on your behalf. Art Show Pre-Registration and Check-In Guidelines 1. Submission check-in for pre-registered artists will begin at 6:00 PM-9:00PM on THURSDAY EVENING. 2. Pre-registered spaces (flats and tables) will be setup at Art Show display area. Pre-registered artists may claim their space as they arrive to check in their submissions. 3. Pre-registered flats and tables will be held until12:00 PM on Friday afternoon, after which unclaimed space will be made available for at-con artist registrations and submissions. 4. Any unreserved space will be made available for At-con artist registrations beginning when Registration opens on Thursday Evening. 5. All artists entering the show must supply Art Show staff with a valid mailing address, email address, and phone number to avoid past problems with payment delivery and disposal of artwork. Art Sale Options There are two options for selling your work - Quick Sale and Silent Auction. 1. Silent Auction - Members of the convention will be able to make bids silently on a bid sheet during the convention. A minimum bid will be set by the artist, and the piece cannot go for less than the starting price. The piece will go to the highest bidder unless it is purchased for the quick sale price which nullifies all lower bids. 2. Quick Sale - The piece goes for a set price,determined by the artist. If a bidder is willing to pay that quick sale price,they may claim the piece immediately. Bidders may place bids below, equal to,or above the quick-sale price. A piece with one bid under the quick-sale may still be purchased at the quick-sale price by a second bidder. NFS -You may also mark your piece NFS - NOT FOR SALE Selling prints - An artist may sell a single print of a work via the Art Show, as long as it meets the following criteria: 1. The piece is marked as a print with a print number. 2. The original is not hung in lieu of the print being sold. 3. Only one copy of the print is to be hung and sold. After The Convention: Claiming Unsold Art and Receiving Payment 1. Art Show is not responsible for holding or shipping artwork for purchasers or artists after the convention unless prior arrangements have been made. 2. Art must be picked up during tear-down of Art Show. Patrons will be allowed to pick up from Saturday night until noon on Sunday. If the piece has not been claimed by such time, all bids are null and void, and the artist may reclaim the piece. 3. In the event that an unsold piece of art has not been picked up, and the artist has not made prior arrangements for its shipping,that art will become property of the Anime Central convention. Art Show Pre-Registration Procedure If you wish to pre-register for space,you MUST first fill out the on-line pre-registration form. After filling it out, you will be contacted by the DH or ADH to finalize arrangements. Pre-registering artists will be expected to prepay. Artist Pickup Sunday Pickup of unsold works is until 4 pm Sunday. Artwork must be picked up if shipping arrangements have not been made,or it will become the property of the convention. If you wish for the art to be mailed back to you, you must pay postage in advance and make arrangements with the art staff for shipping to be deducted from sales. Return postage may be deducted from total sales if desired. If artwork has been sold through the Art Show or Auction, an invoice will be issued when you come to pick up your art.You will be asked to sign a log sheet when you pick up your artwork. You will be issued and mailed a check for the total sales, less a 10% commission, after the convention.
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