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Latent Nihonjin Powers Of Pwnage Those who have been to Japanese game centers already know...

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Posted 09 January 2010 - 06:02 PM

As I found out firsthand after going to Japan for the first time last year, behavior of folks at arcades is completely different than in the States. For those unfamiliar with the habits of your average Tokyo arcade-goer, they behave like this:

While walking through Japanese game centers, very rarely will you see a set of machines unoccupied. Since the machines are paired back-to-back (with player 1 on one side and player 2 on the other), you never can see both parties at once.

When you see someone playing against the CPU on a fighting game, they are more often than not just "toying" with the computer opponents. What I mean by that is, either they aren't picking the character they are most experienced with, or simply playing through the game without really trying.

So it's fairly easy to jump in, and trounce them. This usually takes most gaijin n00bs to game centers completely by surprise.

Back in the old days (when America had arcades), getting trounced so handily in a fighting game is usually enough to make the trouncee get up and leave the game, fearful of losing any more money or ego. But not the Japanese. Oh no.

If you beat one of them, they will wait about 30 seconds and then - like clockwork - immediately challenge you again. (Remember, in Japan, you can't see your opponent since the machines are back-to-back). When this happens, you are screwed. In that 30 seconds of time before the 100 yen coin hit the machine, your opponent was doing his best Son Goku impersonation, powering up and unleashing his latent Nihonjin Powers of Pwnage ™. When that second game begins, you will be fighting a completely different beast...and you will not come out of that match with a victory.

I have seen these powers in action, my friends. And the difference in the skill is astounding.

Power level over NINE THOUSAND....

Anybody else have these kinds of experiences playing in game centers overseas? Personally, I find it funny.

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