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Registration F.a.q. 2010

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Posted 03 September 2009 - 11:00 PM

This FAQ is a little long, so if you know what you’re looking for hold the CTRL and F keys (or APPLE and F keys for our mac friends) to search the page quickly through your browser’s find feature.

ACen Badges, as well as additional badge options, are non-transferable and non-refundable; use of an ACen badge by any person other than the original holder is not allowed and will result in badge confiscation. Badges may not be duplicated in any fashion. The holder of a badge shall agree to surrender the badge to any MAPS officer or representative on request. When you purchase a badge for ACen you agree to the above terms.

How much is registration or ACen this year?
All this information is listed on the website under registration.

When do you sell out of badges?!
We do not have an attendance cap for our convention. We will never sell out of badges, so don’t worry about not being able to get a badge because you can.

What is the road show and how do I get that rate?
The road show is where we hit the road and head to other conventions to help spread the word about ACen. At these conventions look for the ACen table where you’ll be able to register at the best rate of $35. You can also pay the $2 fee to have your badge mailed to you. Keep your eyes on the road show page on the website to see which conventions we’ll appear at.

I’m trying to register for will-call registration, but can’t find the phone number. What is it?
Will-call is the term we use for people that have already paid for their badges and just need to pick it up at the convention. To register for ACen you have to go through the online registration process, pre-register at a road show event, or through registration at the convention. The registration process cannot be completed over the phone.

I’ve attended ACen in the past and used the registration system. Is my old account still there?
Yes, the system remembers you. Your login and password should still work for the system this year.

I don’t remember my password. Can you give it to me?
The system can do that for you. At the login screen, there’s a link that will let you reset your password.

I made a mistake typing in my information/My information has changed since I last registered. Can I change it?
You can edit your information. Just log into the registration system and on the menu to the left click “Attendee Info.” Now you can update your information.

What’s a badge name?
A badge name is that name that will be displayed on the badge in a larger font. You can put whatever your little heart desires in this field; however, keep in mind that we are a family-friendly convention and there are children running around. If your badge name is deemed inappropriate, we will change your badge name and you will not be notified.

I never got my confirmation e-mail. Can another one be sent to me?
You can bring up your confirmation of payment in the registration system. Log into the system and one of the links on the left menu will say "Get Confirmation." The text here is the text of your confirmation.

How do I register as a group and get the group discount?

At the bottom of this post there will be instructions on how to create a group and get the correct discounts. It’s the same instructions for registering children at the discounted rate. As long as your group qualifies for a discount, you’ll get the discounted rate. 10 or more people gets you a $2 per person discount, and 20 or more people gets you a discount of $5 per person. These discounts do not stack.

How do I register my child at the discounted rate?

What needs to be done is that you need to create a group in order to get the child rate to appear. At the bottom of this post there will be instructions on how to create a group and get the correct discounts. Keep in mind the system looks at the child’s age at the time of the convention, when figuring out whether the child qualifies for a discount. So if you have a child that is currently 12, but when the convention comes they are 13, they will be charged for an adult badge.

I registered a while ago, but today when I went to pay, I’m being charged the next tier price. Why am I being charged more?
The prices, and the dates that accompany those prices, are cut-off dates for payment. You need to pay for your badge before the cut-off date in order to get your badge at that tiers price.

How do I get my badge mailed to me?
Badge mailing this year is $2.00 per badge. While you’re setting up your accounts, one of the pages you’ll fill out will have a list of prices for the badges on it. At the bottom of this screen, there is a box labeled badge options and this is where you can choose to have your badge mailed to you.

If you are in a group, everyone in your group will need to do this for their accounts. Group badges are mailed to the group leader, and they will be responsible for distributing them to their group members. If there is someone who does not select badge mailing in your group, their badges will not be mailed and will need to be picked up at the convention by your group leader.

I forgot to select badge mailing. Is there anyway to still have it added?
If you haven’t paid, you can simply log into your account and have it added. On the left menu, click badge information, and on this screen you should be able to select it. Then all you need to do is pay.

If you’ve already paid for your badge, we can still add badge mailing to your account, but it needs to be done by a staff member. Send an e-mail to or send me a PM and we’ll get this taken care of for you.

When will the badges be mailed out?
We plan on beginning badge mailing in early March. We mail the badges out in waves and will continue mailing the badges until mid-April. We do make announcements on the forums when each wave of badges is mailed out, and we’ll also announce if there are any delays with mailing the badges as well.

You've announced on the forums that badges went out, but where's mine? What gives?!
Badges are not sent out or printed in any specific order. So it doesn't matter if you ordered the first badge, or your last name begins with an "A". They are printed and assembled at random, and you can expect to receive your badge anywhere from early March thru mid-April.

We will be posting information on when each wave of badges goes out in this thread.

What if I don’t get my badge before the convention?

Last year we did have a 1% failure rate. We will only re-mail a badge if it bounces back to us in the mail. We do this to prevent people from telling us that they never got their badge and then they turn around and give the second mailed badge to a friend.

If it’s too close to the convention to re-mail a badge, there will be booths in the registration hall where you can pick up your badge. These booths are labeled “Registration Assistance Booths.” They will be away from the main lines and have little to no lines at all times at them.

I changed my mind and want to pick-up my badge at the convention. Can the mailing fee be refunded?
Once you pay for the mailing fee it cannot be refunded. ACen badges are non-refundable and non-transferable, and mailing is a badge option that falls under the same category.

How can I pay for my badge?

During pre-registration you can pay by: check, money order and credit cards. For credit cards, we only accept Visa, MasterCard or Discover cards. We do not accept American Express or cash (especially coins) through the mail for pre-registration.

At the convention you can pay by cash, credit card (Visa, MasterCard or Discover) and business checks. We do not accept personal checks at the convention.

What about debit cards?
Debit cards are also accepted, as long as they have the Visa or MasterCard logos on the card. These cards can be run as credit cards and that is how you should see them billed on your statement.

Who do I make the check or money order out to? Where do I send it?

Make your check or money order payable to “MAPS” or the “Midwest Animation Promotion Society.”

Where do I mail my payment to?
The address you need to send your payment to is on the print out form in the registration system. To get this form log into the registration system, then on the left menu click on “Pay”. Then click the “Mail In Payment” button and print out the page it takes you to.

I mailed you my payment, but I’m not sure if you’ll get it before the cut-off date. Will I be charged more?
As long as your envelope is postmarked before the cut-off date, you will get the price for that tier.

My question wasn’t answered in your FAQ. What do I do now?
Send your questions to, post a reply in the Registration Questions thread, or send me a PM.

Here is a breakdown of step by step directions on how to register you and your children for ACen. All children need to follow this process to have the proper discounts applied to your accounts.

View Postsisterdiscord, on Sep 2 2008, 01:15 AM, said:

Instructions for Parents registering with children:
-Both Free and age 6-12 'Youth' badges follow this process.
Parents registering children and paying for all of the badges should do so by registering parents and kids as a Group.

1. Create an account for the parent in the registration system.
2. Complete all the required fields in the "Enter registration system" screen.
3. Complete all the required fields in the "Enter Login Information" screen.
4. From the Choose Badge Type and Options screen, create a Badge Name (Nickname which will appear on your badge). Select any badge options that will apply (badge mailing, or masquerade charity ball tickets.)
5. Submit Badge Selection You will be taken to the Welcome screen.
6. From the left menu, select 'Create a Group'
7. Enter a Group Name and Group Leader/emergency contact information
8. Log out. Do not pay at this time.
9. Follow the above steps (steps 1-5) for the first child you will be registering/paying for, even if the badge will be free.
10. After following steps 1-5, you will again see the Welcome screen. Click on Join a Group in the left menu.
11. Search for the group you created by Group name or Group Number.
12. Click "Request to Join"
13. Repeat for any other children who will be attending. Additional adults may follow the same process (Steps 1-5, then steps 10-12) to join the group.

Once everyone coming with you has requested to join, you should log into your account again (Since you created the group, you are designated as the Group Leader)

On the main Welcome screen, scroll down past the introductory message and rules. You will see a list of people waiting to join your group in a block called "Group Join Requests". Click Approve for each of your group members, to join them to the group you created. You may then use the group tools in the left menu to view, modify membership, invite others, or pay for your group. Badges will be shipped to the group leader (or held at will-call, depending on what options are selected).

Section is closed. Any questions please post in the Registration area or e-mail Reg. I clean up the posts due to the topic being cluttered.~SongstressLenne

UPDATED 03/03/10: Added additional mailing questions and a link to where updates will be posted.

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