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Sign-up System & Unofficial Tourney's Info on the new system, and how it affects you!

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Posted 27 July 2009 - 05:12 PM

2010 Tournament System

As with many things, ACen Video Gaming Tournaments have been completely reworked for this year. Please take a moment and read through our new procedure(s) for participating in ACen VG tournaments.

General Info & Other:
- Tournament times will be displayed at the tournament table (part of the Staff Table).
- Sign up sheets will NOT be put out until roughly 60 minutes prior to a tournament starting.

Signing Up:
- The only way to sign up is to do so IN PERSON, in the Video Gaming Room at the convention.
- Sign up sheets will be placed out roughly 60 minutes before each tournament starts.
- To sign up, you must surrender your VALID ACen Badge; it serves as your placeholder in the tournament.
+ Upon the tournament completing, all badges will go back to the Staff Table and can be reclaimed with a valid State ID/Drivers License. For attendees under the age of 16, school ID may be conditionally accepted.
+ Once you surrender your badge to sign up, do NOT leave the VG room. If you are badgeless, you will not be allowed to enter the VG room, nor any other part of ACen.
+ There will be one high-school-esque oversized bathroom pass for emergency use. We highly suggest you take care of nature before signing up for any tournaments.

Participating / Observing:
After signing up for a tournament, you must stick around until its' start. There will be an annoucement that the tournament is about to begin. At this time combatants will be seperated from onlookers, and observers will be allowed into the theatre. Combatants will occupy a staging area where matches will begin. For early rounds, matches will be chosen at random to take place on the theatre stage.

Headliner Tournaments:
ACen Video Gaming has two headliner tournaments this year; "Smash Star", and "Battle of the Rock Bands: The Second Slaying". These two headliner tournaments are being handled differently, and each have their own unique rules & regulations. For more information on either of the headliners please direct your browser to their dedicated thread(s).

Unofficial Tournaments:
As with every year at ACen, unofficial tournaments pop up. We cannot provide prizes for these tournaments. We will, however, have a section of the tournament table (located at the Staff Table) for organizers to put out sign up sheets.

There has been some confusion as how exactly the unofficial tournaments work, which is why the following section was written.

Hosting an Unofficial Tournament:
As a badge-holding attendee of ACen, you can host your own Unofficial Tournament in Video Gaming.

Q: What is an Unofficial Tournament?
An Unofficial Tournament is a fan-held competition for a game, that is not sanctioned or run by VG staff. Additionally, ACen Video Gaming will not provide prize support (ie: Trophys) for any unofficial tournaments.

Q: What game(s) can I host an unofficial tournament for?
You can host an unofficial tournament for any game you like; however there are a few stipulations (see: "What do I need to host an Unofficial Tournament?" and "Can I hold an Unofficial Tournament on one of the Arcade Machines?").

Q: What do I need to host an Unofficial Tournament?
As the host of an unofficial tournament you must provide EVERYTHING but the television. This includes things like: console(s), console A/V & power cords, copies of the game, controllers, and judges/referees.

Q: Can I hold an Unofficial Tournament on one of the Arcade Machines?
In short, No. Any unscheduled (aka unofficial) tournaments on arcade machines disrupts regular play.

Q: Can I charge and entrance fee for the Unofficial Tournament?
Absolutely not. ACen has a long standing tradition of no fee's after purchasing a badge. Anyone found collecting pool will be (at minimum) shut down and ejected from Video Gaming.

Q: Will Video Gaming Staff help run my Unofficial Tournament?
No. The sole responsibility of running an unofficial tournament falls squarely on your shoulders.

Q: Can I hold my Unofficial Tournament in the VG Tourny Room?
No. All unofficial tournaments can only be held in the main Video Gaming room on public setups (open Tv's).

Q: My Unofficial Tournament is for a largely popular game, and I have a huge turnout. Can I borrow/loan/rent setups (consoles, A/V or power cords, copies of the game, controllers, etc) from Video Gaming for the unofficial tournament?"
No. As the host, you need to arrange that enough setups are brought in to match the size of the unofficial tournament's crowd.

Q: My Unofficial Tournament is for a largely popular game, and I've gotten a huge turnout but there are only (a few) Tv's open. Can I kick people off of / take over / ask VG Staff to kick people off of occupied Tv's?
No. Unofficial Tournaments may only occupy public setups (open Tv's).

Q: My Unofficial Tournament is: taking an excessively long time / is causing excessive commotion / has a large crowd and is a fire hazard / is disrupting the rest of the VG room.
For any of, but not limited to, the listed scenarios; ACen's Video Gaming reserves the right to shut down any unofficial tournament.

Q: What can Video Gaming do to help me out?
Video Gaming can provide and display sign up sheets for your unofficial tournament. We may also have a limited number of blank bracket sheets available.

Q: I have a question that wasn't answered by the above Q&A
We will gladly address your questions, comments, and concerns. Please send them to

Happy Gaming!

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