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Battle Of The Rock Bands: The Second Slaying! Band Pre-Registration: CLOSED!

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Posted 27 July 2009 - 04:49 PM

Battle of the Rock Bands: The Second Slaying, is ACen's second annual Rock Band 2 tournament. This tournament will be held on a stage, infront of a crowd, and is based on entertainment rather than score. Location & time TBA!

Note from Organizers:
We grossly underestimated the turnout for BotRB last year; to cope with the popularity we have reworked the entire event. Thank you all for your support last year, and we are looking forward to shattering your expectations this year!

General Rules:
- All Bands MUST have four members.
- Each band will play one of their three songs, chosen by the judge panel during the tournament.
- Axing guitars, throwing drumsticks, or any other means of destroying/harming the equipment and/or instruments is immeadiate disqualification, with possibility of ejection and legal action to recover costs.

- You will be judged on a miraid of aspects, the heaviest being entertainment.
- There is a unique scoring system in place that factors how well your band plays, how entertaining you are, and how the crowd reacts.
- Any difficulty may be played; there is a scoring alogrythm in place to reward playing on harder difficulties.

Your Setlist:
- Each band is to pick out three songs from our master list (below).
- During the sign-up process you will disclose your three songs, and be asked to play one of them at con.
- You will NOT be told which of your three songs you are playing until you're up next for the stage.

Band / Crowd Interaction Rules:
- ONLY the band will be allowed on stage.
- You cannot intruduce 'foreign instruments' while onstage. (No swapping out w/ real guitar, etc.)
- Song lyric changes are ok. Note: All lyrics MUST be 'clean', explicit language will get your band disqualified.
- No crowd surfing / encouraging crowd surfing.
- No mosh pits / encouraging mosh pits.

Misc. Info:
Onstage, there will be an adverage-sized Tv facing the band. The Tv will be on the floor, angled upwards; It is advisable to practice reading (playing) from a similar situation beforehand.

Signing Up:
- Main sign-ups will take place ONLINE before the con. There are very strict stipulations in place for Online sign-up. Online spots are first-come first-serve.
- There will be an extremely-limited number of walk-up sign-up spots At-Con. These spots are first-come first-serve, and open up first thing Friday.

***Sign-Up Status: CLOSED. Click here or navigate to the bottom of this thread for full info!***

Standby Rockers (Players):
- IF there are any walk-up spots open, we will have a Looking-For-Band sheet available at the Staff Table in the VG room.
- The sheet will be made available Friday evening IF there are still open walk-up spots.

Band Practice: >UPDATED!!!<
- Do NOT rely on at-con practice. Take time beforehand to practice and learn your songs.
- Saturday

Available Songs:
- The list below is all of the available songs for your band to choose from.
- Songs over 4min30sec are generally cut from the BotRB event.
- This list will be sporadically updated until we near ACen. As so, if new song(s) come out that you want to see available, we probobly have them and just have not updated the list yet.
- If there is a song that you want to see on the list, email me about it at with the subject "BotRB:TSS DLC Content".

-> Please keep all Songlist comments and questions STRICTLY to email. <-

We are all looking forward to this Rockfest! Show us your best!

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Posted 29 July 2009 - 03:21 PM

- Songs are organized alphabetically by track name, by game.
- Song titles with "&", are written with "and".
- There is currently no punctuation. IE: "theyre" instead of "they're".
- There are typo's in artist names (note Jimmy & Jimi Hendrix)
- If you cannot find a song, use the internet browsers' built-in search function (ctrl + f).
- If your favorite song is missing from the list and is longer than roughly 4min30sec, it has been cut due to length. If it is shorter, (and it is DLC) we may have not purchased it. If this is the case, shoot us an email at
- The RB 1/2/DLC list uses the following format: Track Title (Artist) - Runtime

29 fingers (the konks)
are you gonna be my girl (jet)
ballroom blitz (sweet)
black hole sun (soundgarden)
blitzkrieg bop (ramones)
blood doll (anarchy club)
brainpower (freezepop)
can't let go (death of the cool)
celebrity skin (hole)
cherub rock (smashing pumpkins)
creep (radiohead)
dani california (red hot chili peppers)
day late, dollar short (the acro-bats)
dead on arrival (fall out boy)
detroit rock city (kiss)
dont fear the reaper (blue oyster cult)
electric version (the new pornographers)
epic (faith no more)
flirtin with distaster (molly hatchet)
foreplay/longtime (boston)
gimmy shelter (the rolling stones)
go with the flow (queens of the stone age)
here it goes again (ok go)
highway star (deep purple)
i get by (honest bob and the factory to dealer incentives)
i think im paranoid (garbage)
im so sick (flyleaf)
in bloom (nirvana)
learn to fly (foo fighters)
main offender (the hives)
maps (yeah yeah yeahs)
mississippi queen (mountain)
next to you (the police)
nightmare (crooked x)
orange crush (rem)
outside (tribe)
pleasure (bang camaro)
reptilia (the strokes)
sabatoge (beasty boys)
say it aint so (weezer)
seven (vagiant)
should i stay or should i go (the clash)
suffragette city (david bowie)
the hand that feeds (NiN)
time we had (the mother hips)
tom sawyer (rush) - 4:34
train kept a rollin (aerosmith)
vasolie (stone temple pilots)
wanted dead or alive (bon jovi)
wave of mutilation (pixies)
when you were young (the killers)

a jagged gorgeous winter (the main drag)
ace of spades 08 (motorhead)
alabama getaway (the greatful dead)
alex chilton (the replacements)
alive (pearl jam)
almost easy (avenged sevenfold)
american woman (the guess who)
any way you want it (journey)
aqualung (jethro tull)
bad reputation (joan jett)
battrey (metallica)
bodhisattva (steely dan)
carry on my wayward son (kansas)
chop suey (system of a down)
colony of circhmen (mastodon)
come out and play (the offspring)
convential lover (speck)
cool for cats (squeeze)
de-luxe (lush)
down with the sickness (disturbed)
drain you (nirvana)
e-pro (beck)
everlong (foo fighters)
eye of the tiger (survivor)
feel the pain (dinosaur jr)
float on (modest mouse)
get clean (anarchy club)
girls not grey (afi)
give it all (rise against)
give it away (red hot chili peppers)
go your own way (fleetwood mac)
hello there (cheap trick)
hungry like the wolf (duran duran)
i was wrong (social distortion)
kids in america (the muffs)
lazy eye (silversun pickups)
let there be rock (acdc)
livin on a prayer (bon jovi)
lump (the presidents of the united states)
main the in the box (alice in chains)
master exploder (tenacious d)
mountian song (janes addiction)
my own worst enemy (lit)
new kid in school (the donnas)
night lies (bang camaro)
nine in the afternoon (panic at the disco)
one step closer (linkin park)
one way or another (blondie)
our truth (lacuna coil)
painkiller (judas priest)
panic attack (dream theater)
PDA (interpol)
peace sells (megadeth)
pretend we're dead (L7)
psycho killer (talking heads)
pump it up (elvis costello)
ramblin man (the allman brothers band)
rebel girl (bikini kill)
rob the prez-o-dent (that handsome devil)
rock'n me (steve miller band)
round and round (ratt)
shacklers revenge (guns n roses)
shooting star (bad company)
shoulder to the plow (breaking wheel)
so whatcha want (beasty boys)
souls of black (testament)
spirit in the sky (norman greenbaum)
spoonman (soundgarden)
supreme girl (the sterns)
tangled up in blue (bob dylan)
teen age riot (sonic youth)
testify (rage against the machine)
thats what you get (paramore)
the middle (jimmy eat world)
uncontrollable urge (devo)
visions (abnormality)
we got the beat (go-gos)
welcome to the neighborhood (libyans)
where'd you go? (the mighty bosstones)
white wedding part1 (billy idol)
you oughta know (alanis morissette)

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Posted 11 January 2010 - 04:28 PM

NOTE: This DLC is finalized as of 5/11.

- If you asked for a DLC song and it is NOT listed; you need to write before 6pm Tuesday, May 11 or we will not have it purchased and available at ACen.

- I have added back in every song we have; however the 4:30 rule is still in place for BotRB.

- If you find any large (+/-10sec or more) discrepancies in track run times and the ones posted here, please write Include the title of the song, the run time you have for the song, and how/where you got this time.
- We have had to time a handful of tracks manually with a stopwatch. We start the timer when the note run (background) appears onscreen, and end when it drops off at the conclusion of the song.

...and justice for all (metillica) - 9:47
2 minutes to midnight (iron maiden) - 6:07
21st century digital boy (bad religion) - 2:51
3's and 7's (queens of the stone age) - 3:34
a favor house atlantic (coheed and cambria) - 3:55
a looking in view (alice in chains) - 7:06
aces high [live] (iron maiden) - 4:29
aesthetics of hate (machine head) - 6:31
afterlife (avenged sevenfold) - 5:50
again (flyleaf)
aint no telling (jimmy hendrix)
all i want (the offspring) - 1:56
all mixed up (the cars) - 4:17
all my life (foo fighters) - 4:22
allstar (smashmouth)
amazing journey (the who) - 4:26
american girl (tom petty) - 3:32
and she was (talking heads) - 3:38
another one bites the dust (queen) - 3:36
apache rose peacock (red hot chili peppers) - 4:40
are you dead yet (children of bodom) - 3:55
are you gonna go my way (lenny kravitz) - 3:30
ashes to fire (ghost hounds) - 2:52
attack (30 seconds to mars) - 3:50
byob (system of a down) - 4:14
baba o'riley (the who) - 4:57
bad omen (megadeth) - 4:02
bad romance (lady gaga)
bat country (avenged sevenfold) - 5:12
beethovens c*** (serj tankian) - 3:12
behind blue eyes (the who) - 3:42
best of you (foo fighters) - 4:16
black sunshine (white zombie) - 4:54
blackened (metallica) - 6:41
blinded by fear (at the gates) - 3:10
blood on my hands (the used)
blood sugar sex magic (red hot chili peppers) - 4:30
blue collar man (styx) - 4:32
blue morning blue day (foreigner) - 3:12
bold as love (jimmy hendrix)
born to quit (the used)
bounce (the cab) - 3:40
breaking the girl (red hot chili peppers) - 4:54
breed (nirvana) - 3:03
bring me to life (evenescence) - 3:55
bulls on parade (rage against the machine) - 3:50
burn (NiN) - 5:00
burn (rob zombie) - 3:03
burn you down (opiate for the masses) - 3:22
bye bye love (the cars) - 4:12
cmon cmon (the von bondies) - 4:09
call me when youre sober (evenescence) - 3:34
can i play with madness (iron maiden) - 3:31
cant stop rockin (styx / reo speedwagon) - 4:50
capital g (NiN) - 3:49
castles made of sand (jimmy hendrix)
charlene (steven and the colberts) - 1:45
check my brain (alice in chains) - 3:57
chiron (all that remains) - 4:25
clint eastwood (gorillaz) - 5:42
clouds over california (devildriver) - 4:10
club foot (kasabian) - 2:45
constant motion (dream theater) - 6:56
crawl (kings of leon) - 4:06
crazy little thing called love (queen) - 2:44
crazy tuesday (thenewno2) - 3:50
creepin up the backstairs (the fratellis) - 3:10
critical acclaim (avenged sevenfold) - 5:13
crosseyed and painless (talking heads) - 4:46
D.O.A. (the haunted) - 4:23
dammit (blink 182) - 3:06
dance epidemic (eletric six) - 2:49
database corrupted (dealership) - 3:59
dawn patrol (megadeth) - 1:48 NO VOCALS
dearest im so sorry (picture me broken)
desperate times desperate measures (underoath) - 3:27
devils island (megadeth) - 5:06
dirty little secret (all american rejects) - 3:10
disposable teens (marilyn manson) - 3:01
dissident aggressor [live] (judas priest) - 3:03
do you want to (franz ferdinand) - 3:35
DOA (foo fighters) - 4:12
dont cha stop (the cars) - 3:05
dont stop (fleetwood mac) - 3:14
dont stop believing (journey) - 4:09
dont tell me you love me (night ranger) - 4:19
down (blink 182) - 3:14
downfall (trust co)
dragula (rob zombie) - 3:42
dreaming of love (lights resolve) - 3:47
duality (slipknot) - 4:12
eat me alive [live] (judas priest) - 3:34
electric crown (testament) - 5:30
eminence front (the who) - 5:43
empty walls (serj tankian)
ex girlfriend (no doubt) - 3:30
fat bottom girls (queen) - 3:20
fear of the dark [live] (iron maiden) - 7:17
feel good inc (gorrilaz) - 3:41
feel good drag (anberlin)
feelings this (blink 182) - 2:53
feels like the first time (foreigner) - 3:52
five magics (megadeth) - 5:40
flathead (the fratellis) - 3:17
funk #49 (james gang) - 4:06
funky monks (red hot chili peppers) - 5:22
gasoline (audioslave) - 4:40
gay bar (electric six) - 2:20
get it on (the chevelles) - 3:25
get ready 2 rokk (freezepop) - 2:59
get up (james brown) - 4:14
girlfriend is better (talking heads) - 5:43
give it to me (cocktail slippers) - 3:47
godzilla (blue oyster cult) - 3:41
going mobile (the who) - 3:48
gone away (the offspring) - 4:26
good mourning black friday (megadeth) - 6:38
good times roll (the cars) - 3:37
guerrilla radio (rage against the machine) - 3:26
guns of summer (coheed and cambria)
had a dad (janes addiction) - 3:45
hair of the dog (nazareth) - 4:10
hallowed be thy name [live] (iron maiden) - 7:10
hammerhead (the offspring) - 4:40
handlebars (flobots) - 3:27
hang you from the heavens (the dead winter) - 3:38
hanger 18 (megadeth) - 5:10
head knocker (foreigner) - 2:59
hella good (no doubt) - 4:02
henrietta (the fratellis) - 3:32
here we are juggernaut (coheed and cambria)
hey baby (no doubt) - 3:26
hey john whats your name (the devil wears prada) - 3:48
hitch a ride (boston) - 4:10
holy wars... the punishment due (megadeth) - 6:37
hysteria (muse) - 3:46
i aint superstitious (megadeth) - 2:44
i could have lied (red hot chili peppers) - 4:03
i didnt say i was powerful i said (chiodos) - 4:09
i dont care (fall out boy) - 3:35
i dont like you (electric six) - 2:56
i predict a riot (kaiser chiefs) - 3:54
i stand alone (godsmack) - 4:05
i wanna be your man (endeverafter) - 3:06
i want it all (queen) - 4:01
i want to break free (queen) - 4:19
i will not bow (breaking benjamin) - 3:37
ill stick around (foo fighters) - 3:52
im gone im going (lesley roy) - 3:25
im in touch with your world (the cars) - 3:31
im shipping up to boston (dropkick murphys) - 2:19
I.V. (x japan) - 4:53
icarus (kansas) - 6:37
idiots rule (janes addiction) - 3:01
if 6 was 9 (jimmy hendrix)
if i aint got you (the len price 3) - 2:17
if you have to ask (red hot chili peppers) - 3:35
if your wondering if i want you to (weezer) - 3:29
image of the invisible (thrice) - 6:00
indestructible (disturbed) - 3:52
inside out (eve 6) - 3:39
inside the fire (disturbed) - 3:51
interstate love song (stone temple pilots) - 3:14
iron maiden [live] (iron maiden) - 8:00
its not my time (three doors down)
jane says (janes addiction) - 4:53
jesus christ pose (soundgarden) - 5:50
joker and the thief (wolfmother) - 4:39
juke box hero (foreigner) - 4:05
just a girl (no doubt) - 3:29
just dance (lady gaga)
just for tonight (one night only)
just what i needed (the cars) - 3:42
killer queen (queen) - 2:57
kings and queens (30 seconds to mars) - 5:47
kryptonite (3 doors down) - 3:54
laid to rest (lamb of god) - 3:53
last (NiN) - 4:45
last resort (papa roach) - 3:19
leaving here (the who) - 2:12
less talk more rokk (freezepop) - 4:54
let forever be (the chemical brothers)
lair (taking back sunday) - 3:36
life is beautiful (sixx:am) - 5:48
lifeline (papa roach) - 4:18
like a fool (shaimus) - 3:30
limelight (rush) - 4:21
little ms lover (jimmy hendrix)
little of your time (maroon 5) - 2:17
little wing (jimmy hendrix)
live life loud (hawk nelson)
lonely as you (foo fighters) - 4:37
lucid dreams (franz ferdinand) - 7:56
lucretia (megadeth) - 3:56
magic bus [live at leeds] (the who) - 8:00
magnetic baby (semi precious weapons) - 2:48
makedamnsure (taking back sunday) - 3:34
makes me wonder (maroon 5) - 3:31
many shades of black (the raconteurs) - 4:25
march of the pigs (NiN) - 4:13
mary janes last dance (tom petty) - 4:33
meaning of life (disturbed)
meant to live (switchfoot)
medicate (afi) - 4:18
megasus (megasus) - 3:44
mellowship slinky in B Major (red hot chili peppers) - 4:00
miss murder (AFI) - 3:26
mollys chambers (kings of leon) - 2:15
monkey wrench (foo fighters) - 3:50
monster (lady gaga)
more human than human (white zombie) - 4:30
more than a feelings (boston) - 4:46
more than meets the eye (testament) - 4:33
moving in stero (the cars) - 4:47
mr brightside (the killers) - 3:43
my best friends girl (the cars) - 3:42
my curse (killswitch engage) - 4:05
my generation [live at leeds] (the who) 3:69
my hero (foo fighters) - 4:50
my iron lung (radiohead) - 4:35
my last words (megadeth) - 4:54
my lovely man (red hot chili peppers) - 4:37
my name is jonas (weezer) - 3:24
my sharona (the knack) - 4:52
N.I.B. (black sabbath) - 6:05
naked in the rain (red hot chili peppers) - 4:24
nearly lost you (screaming trees) - 6:46
new (no doubt) - 4:26
new fang (them crooked vultures) - 3:49
new moon rising (wolfmother) - 3:45
new wave (pleymo) - 3:32
no excuse (alice in chains) - 4:16
no hassle night (the dead weather) - 2:51
no regrets (authority zero) - 2:27
ocean size (janes addiction) - 4:20
oh yeah (the subways)
once in a lifetime (talking heads) - 4:19
one rainy wish (jimmy hendrix)
one vision (queen) - 5:08
opening band (paul and storm) - 3:36
origin of species (mc frontalot) - 4:01
out here all night (damone) - 3:20
panic switch (sliversun pickups)
peace of mind (boston) - 5:00
perfect insanity (disturbed) - 3:55
pick up the pieces (average white band) - 4:02
pigs in zen (janes addiction) - 4:33
pilgrim (wolfmother) - 4:48
point of no return (kansas) - 3:25
poisen was the cure (megadeth) - 2:56
pokerface (lady gaga)
pork and beans (weezer) - 3:11
powerslave (iron maiden) - 6:48
prayer of the refugee (rise against) - 3:19
prequel to the sequel (between the buried and me) - 8:36
pretty fly for a white guy (the offspring) - 3:08
pretty noose (soundgarden) - 4:11
promised land (vesuvius) - 3:39
prophecy [live] (judas priest) - 5:26
psyhosocial (slipknot) - 4:42
push it (static x) - 2:35
re education (rise against) - 3:42
re hash (gorillaz) - 3:39
re: your brains (jonathan coulton) - 4:32
real good looking boy (the who) - 5:42
rebel yell (billy idol) - 4:45
red barachetta (rush) - 6:08
refugee (tom petty) - 3:22
reinventing your exit (underoath) - 4:22
renegade (styx) - 4:13
ride the lightning (metallica) - 6:37
ridin the storm out (reo speedwagon) - 4:12
rock and roll queen (the subways)
rock and roll band (boston) - 2:59
rock your socks (tenacious d) - 3:33
roll with the changes (reo speedwagon) - 5:37
rooster (alice in chains) - 6:14
run to the hills (iron maiden) - 3:54
runnin down a dream (tom petty) - 4:23
runnin wild (airbourne) - 3:37
rust in peace (megadeth) - 5:36
salute your solution (the raconteurs) - 3:00
satch boogie (joe satriani) - 4:38
saucy jack (spinal tap) - 1:57
savior (rise against) - 4:02
science genious girl (freezepop) - 4:11
sea and sand (the who) - 5:01
self esteem (the offspring) - 4:13
sex on fire (kings of leon) - 3:23
sex type thing (stone temple pilots) - 3:39
shes a genius (jet) - 2:58
shes so fine (jimmy hendrix)
shhh.... (the darkest of the hillside thickets) - 4:49
shimmer and shine (ben harper and the relentless) - 3:06
shockwave (black tide) - 3:38
shoot the runner (kasabian) - 3:27
show me the way (black tide) - 4:00
sick sick sick (queens of the stone age) - 3:34
sir psycho sexy (red hot chili peppers) - 8:14
sittin on the dock of the bay (otis redding)
siva (smashing pumpkins) - 4:20
skullcrusher mountain (jonathan coulton) - 4:16
sky is over (serj tanikan)
sleepwalker (megadeth) - 5:51
smash it up [part ii] (the damned) - 2:52
smokin (boston) - 4:20
smooth criminal (alien ant farm) - 3:29
snow (red hot chili peppers) - 5:35
so cold (breaking benjamin) - 4:33
somebody to love (queen) - 4:57
something about you (boston) - 3:47
sons and daughters (the 88) - 3:48
sort of (silversun pickups)
space truckin (deep purple) - 4:34
spanish castle magic (jimi hendrix)
spiderwebs (no doubt) - 4:28
sprode (freezepop) - 3:30
standing in the shower (janes addiction) - 3:05
steady at the wheel (shooter jennings) - 2:57
steady as she goes (the raconteurs) - 3:36
still alive (glados (jonathan coulton)) - 2:56
sticken (disturbed) - 4:07
stupify (disturbed) - 4:34
suck my kiss (red hot chili peppers) - 3:36
sulfur (slipknot) - 4:38
summertime blues [live at leeds] (the who) - 3:28
summertime rolls (janes addiction) - 6:00
sundail (wolfmother) - 3:48
superbeast (rob zombie) - 3:40
surfing with the alien (joe satriani) - 4:26
sweet leaf (black sabbath) - 5:26
sweet talk (dear and the headlights) - 2:57
sweetness (jimmy eat world) - 3:40
take it on the run (reo speedwagon) - 4:01
take me out (franz ferdinand) - 3:56
take me to the river (talking heads) - 5:01
take no prisoners (megadeth) - 3:26
ted just admit it (janes addiction) - 7:22
ten speed (coheed and cambria) - 3:45
thank you boys (janes addiction) - 1:05
the best day ever (spongebob squarepants) - 3:02
the broken (coheed and cambria)
the camera eye (rush) - 11:01
the clairvoyant (iron maiden) - 4:27
the collector (NiN) - 3:07
the conjuring (megadeth) - 5:01
the diary of jane (breaking benjamin) - 3:18
the dope show (marilyn manson)
the downfall of us all (a day to remember) - 3:29
the feeling (kutless) - 2:23
the flood (escape the fate) - 3:33
the game (disturbed)
the greeting song (red hot chili peppers) - 3:12
the hungry wolf (X)
the kids arnt alirght (the offspring) - 3:00
the kill (30 seconds to mars) - 3:50
the metal (tenacious d) - 2:45
the number of the beast (iron maiden) - 4:50
the number of the beast [origional] (iron maiden) - 4:50
the perfect drug (NiN) - 5:16
the power of equality (red hot chili peppers) - 4:02
the pretender (foo fighters) - 4:29
the righteous and the wicked (red hot chili peppers) - 4:08
the rock show (blink 182) - 2:49
the running free (coheed and cambria) - 4:18
the taste of ink (the used)
the time is wrong (tickle me pink) - 3:22
the trooper (iron maiden) - 4:11
they say (scars on broadway) - 2:48
theyre red hot (red hot chili peppers) - 1:11
this aint a scene its an arms race (fall out boy) - 3:32
this calling (all that remains) - 3:38
this is a call (foo fighters) - 3:53
this is it (staind) - 3:50
this is war (30 seconds to mars) - 5:27
thrash unreal (against me) - 4:14
thrasher (evile) - 3:08
thunderbirds are go (busted)
tie your mother down (queen) - 3:46
times like these (foo fighters) - 4:26
tom sawyer [origional version] (rush) - 4:34
tomorrow (silverchair)
too much time on my hands (styx) - 4:32
tornado of souls (megadeth) - 5:20
toxicity (system of a down) - 3:38
treat me like your mother (the dead weather) - 4:10
tribute (tenacious d) - 4:08
two weeks (all that remains) - 4:17
under pressure (queen) - 3:48
under the bridge (red hot chili peppers) - 4:24
undone (weezer) - 5:05
up from the skies (jimi hendrix)
up the beach (janes addiction) - 3:01
valleys of neptune (jimi hendrix)
vital signs (rush) - 4:56
voices (disturbed)
wait until tomorrow (jimi hendrix)
wake up call (maroon 5) - 3:21
wake up dead (megadeth) - 3:34
waking the demon (bullet for my valentine) - 4:08
walk like an egyptian (the bangles) - 3:21
war pigs (black sabbath) - 7:55
war zone (rob zombie) - 3:51
wasted years (iron maiden) - 5:06
[we are] the road crew (motorhead) - 3:12
weight of the world (evenescence) - 3:37
whats it feel ike to be a ghost (taking back sunday) - 3:48
whats my age again (blink 182) - 2:30
wheels (foo fighters) - 4:38
white rabbit (jefferson airplane) - 2:32
white unicorn (wolfmother) - 5:01
who are you (the who) - 6:24
wilson [live] (phish) - 6:23
wings of a butterfly (him)
witch hunt (rush) - 4:45
wolf like me (tv on the radio) - 4:39
woman (wolfmother) - 2:57
word forward (foo fighters) - 3:47
world turning (fleetwood mac) - 4:26
would? (alice in chains) - 3:28
[you can still] rock in america (night ranger) - 4:14
you got me floating (jimi hendrix)
youre all ive got tonight (the cars) - 4:02
youre gonna hear from me (night ranger) - 5:00
young (hollywood undead) - 3:16
young man blues [live at leeds] (the who) - 5:53
yyz (rush) - 4:26

bodies (drowning pool)
burn it down (five finger death punch)
business time (flight of the concords)
drunken lullabies [live] (flogging molly)
i know what i am (band of skulls)
survive (lacuna coil)

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Posted 07 April 2010 - 06:36 PM

Online Band Registration is now CLOSED. At con you will be able to sign up your band; however there will be an extremely limited number of band slots.

There are an EXTREMELY limited number of spots available for the BotRB:TSS tournament. Please read this post in it's entirety before jumping to email us.

ONE (1) member of your band must submit the following information.
NOTE: Do NOT have every band member submit info; send JUST ONE email.
- Band Name (no explicit language or it will be changed)
- All four band members' FULL, REAL NAMES (first & last)
- All four band members' ACen badge numbers
If you don't have badge numbers, or know how to find out your badge number, ask in the email.
- Your THREE preferred songs

Band Name - Toasty Horse

John Smith
Badge# - xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Ash Ketchem
Badge# - xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

David Davidson
Badge# - xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Jane Doe
Badge# - xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxxx

Song1 - Eat it (Weird Al)
Song2 - Rock Lobster (B52's)
Song3 - Jumper (Capsule)

Emailing your Registration:
Your bands' registration should be sent to with the subject title "BOTRB:TSS BAND REGISTRATION".

Other info:
- Band registrations are FIRST-COME FIRST-SERVE.
- If your band is lucky enough to get in one of the online registration spots you will receive a conformation email stating so.
- There will be an EXTREMELY limited number of spots available for band registration at-con.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please contact me at Thank you!

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Posted 10 May 2010 - 01:15 PM

This thread has gotten a giant update today 5/10, and will be receiving its last and final update tomorrow 5/11.

Take a minute and familiarize yourself with any changes.

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