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Thank You To Irt From An Artist Alley Booth! Very professional after an attempted theft!

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Post icon  Posted 23 May 2009 - 08:30 PM

I wanted to post my thanks to IRT for being professional, responsive, and proactive in the Artist Alley section of the con.

IRT patrolled the AA regularly. Not only that, but they would ask the people working the booths how things were going for us. I found this to be both a personal and a professional touch, and appreciated it quite a bit. Additionally, IRT seemed to patrol in pairs, which I thought was very smart. I'm sure this has been done in the past, but I really noticed it this year and it seemed effective. It communicated that you guys were on top of things and could split up if need be to resolve a problem, or back each other up if necessary.

Unfortunately, my booth had an attempted theft. We were in the back corner with only the blue curtains to separate us from the con-goers sitting on the floor between the two food stands and the bathroom area. Two studio members were coming back from the bathroom when they saw someone poke his head between the curtains and reach in to grab a hand-painted wooden plate off the shelf that backed the curtain. Those plates are priced between $65 and $95 because of the time and effort that goes into them, and since each one is hand-painted they are not replaceable. Fortunately, our two studio members were able to chase the guy away--those of us at the booth were busy helping customers and would not have noticed the plate being gone until it was gone. As soon as our two members got into the booth, I called out IRT loudly and had two IRT staff come up immediately. They were on the ball and listening for anyone calling out for a problem. Because of their patrolling, they weren't far.

We explained the situation and they got patrols going even more in that back corridor as well as throughout AA. They were calm, professional, and completely understanding of the situation.

On a related note, as a suggestion, I would recommend that there not be curtained areas where people can congregate behind the Artist Alley booths. While the booth space is generous, people often have to display or store inventory in the back area of their booth, and those booths that are against curtains have the risk of people darting in to steal things.

At any rate, I felt much safer after that and was very glad for IRT's help in keeping sticky fingers from affecting our booth. I didn't catch the name of the two IRT staffers who we talked to after the attempted theft--we were a little rattled. But hopefully they know who they are and will know that we at Katsuyama Studios are very thankful for their help!

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Posted 11 September 2009 - 11:18 AM

That's good to hear, I was considering joining Artist's Alley next year so I hope I get the same experience you had!

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Posted 11 September 2009 - 11:21 AM

Horray for IRT! We love you guys. :heart:
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