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Lost Prop: Giant Picture Frame

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Posted 10 May 2009 - 07:53 PM

Yay stories? My younger brother and I decided we were going to do a Mario/Luigi pair this year, and go as the pair from Luigi's Mansion, since that's one of the only games I and my non-gamer abilities can play. Anyway, this required me - Mario - to go in a picture frame, since Mario gets trapped in a picture frame by King Boo. Anyway, we know we brought it to the con, but somehow we don't know if it made it to the room - we think it may have gotten lost in the parking garage on the way in, since we had so much other stuff. We stayed at the Double Tree.

It's fairly large and it's gold with three red half-spheres on each side. There's also scrolling done with paper (painted gold) on the outside, and of course a plastic "glass", plus handles. If you've found it you probably know what I was talking about without the description. Anyway, if anybody has it we'd REALLY appreciate it, since we did work hard on it (we're kind of n00b-ish cosplayers, I suppose you could say) and would really like it back! (Or just to know that it didn't get eaten by a dimensional force field, so that we're not completely crazy.)

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