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Official List Of Shadowrun Missions For Acen

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Posted 25 March 2009 - 03:24 PM

These are the latest Shadowrun Missions available in the NYC campaign.

We are still in need of Shadowrun MIssions GMs. If you're interested please contact me at :


SRM03-00 Everyone's Your Friend
Sometimes following up on a job really means following. You've been
hired to track down an old acquaintance who's fled across the
continent. BYOC!

SRM03-01 Ready, Set, Gogh
By 2070, life literally imitates art. Some people have a fetish for it
and it's your job to see that it's delivered and still breathing.

SRM03-02 Block War
What starts as a petty fight could degenerate to a full scale war.
When things are turning sour, who said mediators had to be neutral?

SRM03-03 Burning Bridges
The voice on the other end of the comm sounds desperate. The kind that
pays well. Then he asked, "How much do you know about demolitions?"

SRM03-04 Monkeywrench
A little milk run like this should be no problem. Though, it sounds
like you don't get much time. Non-lethal rounds and no legal
complications makes these "security consultant" gigs the best in the
Big Apple. BYOC!

SRM03-05 In and Out
A stool pigeon is ready to name names. Mr. Johnson wants to make sure
they're the right names. He needs you to break into the NYPD Inc.
holding facility and deliver a message. BYOC!
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