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Artist Alley - Studio Members & Questions There Of Studio members & the buddies you get to watch your table...

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Post icon  Posted 13 December 2008 - 12:14 PM


What has been posted thus far By the informative AA Department Head, Voltaire30

QUOTE (Lcamride @ Dec 2 2008, 10:42 PM) *
Another question concerning AA studio members:

If I am already pre-registered for ACen and register for a table at AA, but my other studio members haven't yet registered for ACen by the time AA registration it possible to add their badge info after I secure a table space? Or are all the studio member badge id's required immediately when AA registration opens?

Quote: ( Voltaire30 Department head of AA)
It is preferred that the information be provided with the form to prevent problems down the road. If they are slow pokes and dont want to right now just make sure I get their Full Real Names and Badge Numbers by April 23 at 11:59, 2 Weeks before con.(This will eleviate at con troubles for you and me).

If at con they have still not bought a badge their only option would be to wait with the Alley Staff while they reg for a badge (Or stand in the Convention Reg line and then come to the alley). They will be required to provide all information that Convention Registration requires and then all the information that the Alley Requires. It will be a long wait that will most definatly agrivate alot of people waiting behind them. This is only if I can get them past the IRT blockade that allows people with badges to enter the hall.(I highly doubt that I can get them through without a badge to sign in the alley)


QUOTE (Manifested Dreams @ Nov 10 2008, 07:34 PM) *
Secondly I have two friends who will be coming to the convention(hopefully) that will watch my table if we need to step out for a little while. Do they need to have AA badges or will regular badges do? Will they be able to sit with us behind our table with a regular badge?
I just want to make sure I get the correct number of people registered. Thank you in advance!

Quote: ( Voltaire30 Department head of AA)

I am sorry but if they are going to sell and/or sit behind the table they will be required to have an AA badge. This is because we have to keep track of/enforce the amount of people selling in the Alley so that no one on the black list sneaks through and so we have an accurate number of the people who participate in the Alley. Once the number of participants come in, it will be much easier to "lobby" the AA/AS position and get more space for the AA/AS. smile.gif


this is what is known & Posted &
For those panic questions:

OMG I don't have my Studio mates badge-numbers!?

I'd get there names on your studio list for Alley reg and then the badge numbers before the con:
"... Full Real Names and Badge Numbers by April 23"

Can my friend watch My table?

Only if they have an AA badge.

The Artist alley has a Black List.

I recommend not angering/annoying the powers that be.

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