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Registration For 2009 Is Now Open!

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Posted 01 September 2008 - 11:49 PM

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the pre-registration period is now open.

If you registered last year, the username and password you created should still work. When you log in, it will ask you to choose a badge name and badge options.

Note that this year you will not be able to choose your badge type. Instead, the system will automatically charge you based on the tier during which you pay. If you have children, infants, or other young ones under your care, they must be registered under a separate account (one acccount per person, always) and in a group with you. The system will automatically figure out who gets child and infant pricing.

You can change your info this year, and we encourage you to do so, so that your badge is mailed to the right place. You can also choose to have a Charity Masquerade Ball Ticket included with your badge. This is not the Masquerade, but is an entirely separate event. Questions about the event can go to specialevents AT acen DOT org.

Any questions about registration can go to acenreg09 AT acen DOT org.

Have fun, folks, and, please, be gentle.
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Posted 02 September 2008 - 12:15 AM

Instructions for Parents registering with children:
-Both Free and age 6-12 'Youth' badges follow this process.
Parents registering children and paying for all of the badges should do so by registering parents and kids as a Group.

1. Create an account for the parent in the registration system.
2. Complete all the required fields in the "Enter registration system" screen.
3. Complete all the required fields in the "Enter Login Information" screen.
4. From the Choose Badge Type and Options screen, create a Badge Name (Nickname which will appear on your badge). Select any badge options that will apply (badge mailing, or masquerade charity ball tickets.)
5. Submit Badge Selection You will be taken to the Welcome screen.
6. From the left menu, select 'Create a Group'
7. Enter a Group Name and Group Leader/emergency contact information
8. Log out. Do not pay at this time.
9. Follow the above steps (steps 1-5) for the first child you will be registering/paying for, even if the badge will be free.
10. After following steps 1-5, you will again see the Welcome screen. Click on Join a Group in the left menu.
11. Search for the group you created by Group name or Group Number.
12. Click "Request to Join"
13. Repeat for any other children who will be attending. Additional adults may follow the same process (Steps 1-5, then steps 10-12) to join the group.

Once everyone coming with you has requested to join, you should log into your account again (Since you created the group, you are designated as the Group Leader)

On the main Welcome screen, scroll down past the introductory message and rules. You will see a list of people waiting to join your group in a block called "Group Join Requests". Click Approve for each of your group members, to join them to the group you created. You may then use the group tools in the left menu to view, modify membership, invite others, or pay for your group. Badges will be shipped to the group leader (or held at will-call, depending on what options are selected).
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Posted 02 September 2008 - 06:30 AM

Jaye's Birthday Present YOU

This Month is our mascot Jaye's birthday, and to celebrate, we've got a present for YOU!

If you Pre-register for Anime Central 2009 before the end of September and follow the request process instructions, you can receive a guaranteed ticket to your choice of the Masquerade or one concert! Plus, you get to pre-register at this year's Convention Road Show rate of $35!

<The details>

* Limit One guaranteed ticket per paid attendee. This is non-transferrable.
* Limits apply, based on availability. Limited number tickets are available each for the Masquerade, Friday Night Concert, and Saturday Night Concert.
* You will be notified if we can't accommodate your first request, and we'll ask if you want a ticket to one of the other events.
* Tickets will be distributed at will call beginning Thursday, 6PM. 5/7/09
* Participant must select and pay for 2009 membership through or our Road Show between 9/1 and 9/30 2008.
* Participants paying via mail, payment must be postmarked on or prior to 9/30 to be eligible.

* Request Process Instructions:
o Pre-register for your Anime Central 2009 membership.
o Send a copy of your confirmation, or your legal name and the email account you used to register to with the Subject of either GUARANTEED MASQUERADE TICKET or GUARANTEED CONCERT TICKET
o You will receive confirmation that your message has been received, and then later you will receive confirmation that your ticket has been reserved.
o If you register at a road show event, instead of your confirmation number, emaill us your legal name, the date you pre-registered, and your e-mail address.
o You will be able to pick up your tickets at Will Call beginning on Thursday evening before the convention.
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