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Martin Mystery Anyone else see this?

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Posted 05 August 2008 - 05:07 AM

Okay, it's not really anime per se, as it was made in Canada and based on an Italian comic book series. Still, it definitely has an anime feel, it uses a lot of stuff from the genre (sweatdrops, +anger signs, chibi forms), and most of the VAs have worked in the anime industry (Diana's voice is Kelly Sheridan, who also did Sango, among others).

I ran across it purely by accident on YouTube one night, and I'm kinda hooked. It's funny as hell and doesn't take itself seriously--kind of a cross between Hellsing and Case Closed, except without the gore and seriousness.

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Posted 05 August 2008 - 08:25 AM

I use to have the English translated editions of the Italian comic book series and they were more for mature than the cartoon was. They were kinda of on the order of Diabolik in the maturity level.
But I do remeber seeing a few episodes of the cartoon when it ran for a short time I think either Nick or Fox.
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Posted 05 August 2008 - 11:08 AM

I think i've watched this on tv.. it was... interesting. but i don't know, i might be getting it confused with other cartoons. i do that sometimes.
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