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Gaming Room Faq Playing Wii, PS3, or X-Box 360? Have your own tourney? Read me.

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Posted 19 March 2008 - 11:32 PM

The point of this topic is to try to address some of the questions that may arise as the con date comes closer.

Q. How can I play Wii/PS3/360 if I don't have my own controller?
A. The gameroom will have Wiimotes and controllers to loan out. However, you MUST have a valid photo ID (valid state ID or driver's license; current school ID may be conditionally accepted) and a badge with a matching name on it. The game room staff will then HOLD your badge and ID until the controller is returned, in the same working condition, from which then your badge and ID will be returned to you.

Q. What if I have my own controller?
A. Please let one of the staff members know so they can help you sync it. Please remember that you alone are responsible for your own equipment, do not loan it to strangers.

Q. I have my own *your console here* with *your favorite game here*. Can I hook it up?
A. Yes! In fact we have empty TV's set aside for that purpose. However, we do have some caveats.

Q. Cave-what?
A. Conditions. For using your own console and/or game.
-You bring it, you're responsible. If you hook up your console then leave to take a dump, if Joe Shmoe runs off with your console or controllers while you're not there, it's not responsibility of ACen or the game room staff, it's yours.
-The game room staff has every right to remove you and your console from the station for any reason. A good example is if there are no TV's available and an extra station is needed.
-We discourage any single-player only games, namely RPG's. You have a TV in your hotel room or at home for that purpose. Please ask a staff member if you are unsure if it is OK.
-The game room staff cannot provide you with cables or controllers. Please remember to bring your own.

Q. My favorite game is not on the official tournament list! That's not fair! Can I run my own?
A. Yes, although the game room will not be able to provide a trophy. We may have extra merchandise for prizes, but no guarantees.

Q. What if I want to play a game that you already have an arcade game for present in the game room (i.e. Marvel VS Capcom 2)?
A. These will NOT be allowed. We must ask that if the arcade version is there, please play on those. This allows more stations to be freed for other games and does not create a conflict of interest. There are very slight exceptions to this rule; please see a game room staffer if you're unsure.

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