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New Years Eve plans anyone?

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 01:48 PM

I know it's a little earily but New Years is almost here...

What will you be doing on New Years :D

I might be going to see some relatives if nonthing else comes up:sweatdrop

If you've got palns for New Years Eve tell us about them...


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Posted 28 December 2006 - 02:25 PM

Well, me and my roommates were planning on throwing a party at our apartments, but now with some money problems we are proabably gonna drop that, so honestly I'm most likely not doing anything.
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Posted 28 December 2006 - 08:00 PM

Going to my bf's to watch movies and stuff like that. I've always spent New Year's just doing low-key stuff. People who go to New York to be there when the ball drops are absolutely nuts.

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Posted 28 December 2006 - 08:15 PM

I plan on watching the Bears/Packers game. And perhaps induldge in some "bubbly" ;)
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Posted 29 December 2006 - 02:40 AM

I have to work. Yes, on New Year's Eve, all night. Oh well--at least I get paid for it.

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Posted 29 December 2006 - 05:02 AM

I kind of want to get drunk for the first time, but I don't want to pick up drinking, so I won't.

My plans consist of going to my mothers house and celebrating the new year with my family, then go to work the next day... =D
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