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For any X-Men or Kingdom Hearts fans!

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Posted 28 July 2006 - 05:20 AM

'Ello mates! Some of you may know me as the Movie!Ed cosplayer who can stand on their suitcase or you may know me as just Wolfeh. Either works. ;P
I had a little idea I wanted to share with everyone. x3

I've decided I want to start a little project...ok, so its not exactly that little. Its actually going to be a big project if I can get enough people interested. ^_^ I want to start two cosplay groups. One that will premire at Ohayocon and one that will premire at Anime Central.
Here's what I had in mind.

For Ohayocon:
I want to try and put together an X-Men cosplay group. Not the movie versions mind you. I want to do the comic book style characters. The costumes are just SO much more fun. My goal is to try and get all the main characters filled, including Xavier if I can find someone interested in doing it.
I've already laid claim to doing Rouge and I think I have someone up to doing Mystic.
I don't want to be mean by saying this but I want only people that are serious about doing it. I really really want to do this cosplay group. I am a HUGE Marvel geek, as many of you know, and X-Men would be such an awesome group to put together.
And yes, I know. Its a comic book and not a manga or anime or video game but I don't care. ^_^ You see a lot of comic book characters at conventions.
If you are interested, either drop me a comment here, catch me on AIM, or email me with the character you want to do. Any character from the X-Men comicverse is welcome! But again, I want to try and get the main characters down first. (Wolverine, Storm, Jean Grey, Cyclops, etc etc)

For Anime Central:
I want to do a MASSIVE Kingdom Hearts group. I want this to be open to any and all characters from all of the games. (Final Fantasy, KH Originals, and Disney!!)
This is the big thing. I don't want a bunch of doubles.
Axel is for sure mine. (Sorry guys!) And just because I'm not sure, I'm going to say that Roxas is being saved for the moment.
But anyone else is open.
Again, I want only people that are serious about doing it. I think it would be a lot of fun to get as many people as I could involved and get as large a group as possible. So, if you're interested, contact me somehow!!

If this goes off without a hitch and I get a group of people that are interested, I may turn this into a real cosplay group and keep doing more themed group cosplays. We'll see though. So!
Anyone wanna have some fun? :3

Ohayocon: X-Men
Crazedwolf = Rogue
Cloud_sama = Mystique
Kyo = Nightcrawler
V = Gambit
Halfrican = Bishop or Cable
Samek15 = Cyclops?
Pookie = Wolverine?

A-Cen: Kingdom Hearts
Crazedwolf = Axel
Cloud_sama = Roxas
l_envyxedward_l = Olette
Athena5897 = Demyx
Izuro = Timeless River Sora?
Zrana = Shadow Heartless or Namine?
bondage_sora = KH2 Kairi
tot_dorchet = KH2 Cid
Halfrican = King Mickey
Nibbs = Tifa
Shinagami_san = Marluxia
Kristhen = Schoolgirl Kairi
Nekokenchan = Seifer
Shun = Final Form of Xemnas
SamuraiSelphie = KH2 Selphie
Aeon = Final Form Sora
-The wolf who's an anime/manga/video game geek-

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Posted 30 July 2006 - 12:08 PM

Sadly I would go as a KH person but I ive to far away but I like LOVE KH:heart: mabey i can make it!
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