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gundam seed review

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Posted 25 July 2006 - 04:57 AM

hi, i wanted to mention a great anime that i believe everyone should see (yeah i know its well known) and give it a review.

i will be basing my review on 5 points. plot,characters,graphics,sound/music,
and "bonus qualities" which are basicly random things that make the series great.

intro: gundam seed is a 50 episode mecha series.

Plot:Its plot at first glance follows the classic colony vs. earth theme apparent throughout the gundam franchise. how ever once you look deeper you will relize it has some fresh concepts. gundam seed is about a war between
geneticly modified humans (called coridinators) who reside in space colonys and unmodified humans or naturals. The naturals overwelming numbers failed to give them an edge because the coridinators advanced abilities allowed them to pilot mobil suits while naturals only had mobile armors (planes tanks etc). the focus of the story is a young coridinator kira yamoto who is thrust into the war and fights for the earth federation against his own people using a new earth mobil suit called a gundam and even ends up fighting his best friend athrun zala (this becomes the secondary theme).

Characters: one of the best aspects of this show is the characters. all the characters undergo major growth and transformation. and even seemingly
unimportant characters prove vital later on and devolop as well. also you will be hard pressed not to fall in love with kira yamoto and lacus klein(she appears in episode 6-7 and is reappears as a MAJOR character later on).

GRAPHICS: this series has some very very nice eyecandy. The show is drawn using CG and is because of that has probably the best fight scenes in the gundam franchise so far. however this series did start heavily reusing animation at the last 6-8 episodes. although luckily you will see some of the best action in mecha history in episode 39-40 before the animation starts to slack.

Music: how can you go wrong with t.m. revolution and fiction junction yuuka. trust me you will want to buy the soundtracks.

highlights: 1)brilliant japanese voice actors 2)gave accurate fairly plausible explanatons for how technology works. 3)i give up to many to name WATCH THIS.

conclusion: a great addition to anime. The shows message of the atrocities of war and use of genocide as a central theme gives it real depth. DO NOT watch this in english the music and acting was terrible in comparison. the english dub also tried to americanize the show by adding words like cool awesome etc.i could rant about the dub for hours >.<.

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Posted 25 July 2006 - 06:14 AM


Gundam SEED, alone, was not a failed series. It was not new, but it was not a failure. The plot for SEED was a near verbatium hack of the first 1/3 of Gundam 0079, the middle of Double Zeta, and the last 1/3 of Zeta. Even though the individual plots were recycled, the art was crisp, and all in all it did a good job of selling plastic, which is in the end all Gundam is supposed to do.

SEED was *arguably* the first all digital gundam series, and it shows. Other gundam titles have used digital paint but never before had it been possible for the animators to recycle footage using different suits, something that SEED does enough that you notice it (and Destiny...). Since it was now possible for the animators to ctrl-v attack sequences using different suits, the fighting was less impressive and more prolonged since actually hitting suits required additional animation unless it could be drawn from stock footage.

SEED's character designs were consistant with the norms for today. Athrun, Kira, and co. were all about as transparent as the leads of any other series, their actions being predictable. Mwu and Rau (and Heine in Destiny) were more complex, leading some in the gundam community to compare them to Amuro and Char as they were in CCA.

SEED alone was not bad. Had Bandai abandoned the story at that point and made several OVAs (like a fully animated Astray), all would have been well. But they didn't. Bandai, in their infinite 'wisdom', granted the director a second season, Destiny.

Destiny ruined the SEED franchise. Where previously the characters were transparent, now they were essentially 1-d. New characters were written in but development was abandoned to cater to fan demands for more focus on the SEED characters. The original hopes of a darker, Zeta like story were swiftly abandoned, and nothing replaced it. Destiny devolved into little more then One Piece in SPACE!, and the fans left in droves. This, combined with uninspiring model kits, compelled many fans who had previously despised Relena to reevaluate their loyalties and dub Destiny the worst gundam series ever.

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