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Announcement: Roommate Age and Max Occupancy Guideline

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As Of 02/07/2011 the roommate guidelines are as follows:

  • You MUST be 18 in order to post a topic or reply. Anything under the age will result in an automatic deletion of your topic/post. This is what the hotel requires and too many people have abused this in the past.

  • No posting of underage drinking. You must be 21 in order to consume alcohol.

  • This is not a hook up area. Any insinuation of anything other than barter or money for bed space will result in post deletion.

  • Maximum of 4 people per hotel room. Hyatt suites each room counts for having 4 people [two room suite = 8 people]. Please check with other hotels in regards to suite occupancy and if you need help with accommodating a large group.

  • Do not breech the Fire Code, if you exceed the alloted amount of people per room the hotel has permission to do what they wish on handling the situation.

Breaking any of these guidelines can give moderators the right to suspend you for three days.