As we move closer to our scheduled event, we’ll be using this page to provide event updates in regards to COVID-19.

2022 COVID-19 Updates

2021 COVID-19 Updates

Based on the spread of COVID-19 and looking at the current speed of vaccine distribution in the United States, we have cancelled our in-person event for 2021. We will be moving our efforts for 2021 to a digital event.

We will be rolling over 2021 attendee memberships, vendors allotments and artists into 2022. If instead you would like a refund for your membership, view details on how to submit your request on our February 13th cancellation announcement. Refund requests must be submitted by March 15, 2021.

We’ve opened attendee registration for 2021 and have updated our FAQ to address some COVID-19 questions. They can be found on our attendee registration page, but have also been included below for easy referencing.

2020 COVID-19 Updates