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Anime Central Online: Cosplay Collage

By April 12, 2020No Comments

As you know, and to the disappointment of all, Anime Central 2020 has been cancelled. However, the ACen spirit is still fighting and the opportunity to share your costume lives on!

We are pleased to offer a Cosplay Collage to showcase the costumes our community has been planning. Even while practicing social distancing, let’s come virtually together to celebrate our creativity and craftsmanship!

The Costume Events staff (Masquerade, Gatherings, Hall Cosplay) is hereby requesting a 7-10 second video of you in your costume (or up to three costumes at 7 seconds each) you planned to wear to ACen. Get us your videos by May 9th and we will compile them into a masquerade video to be shared with the ACen community, complete with MCs and audience participation!

But what if you don’t usually do the masquerade? What if you’re new to cosplay? We’d love to have you. This is your perfect chance to participate: there’s no stage fright if there’s no stage! If you’ve been considering the masquerade but hesitating due to time commitment or other reasons, this is your year.

Here’s what to do

  • Wear that costume! Submissions close May 9th. Yes, this is slightly less time to complete it, but what else are you doing while responsibly at home?
  • Record yourself showing off your costume (or costumes). Strike a pose, twirl, present your best side. Choose lighting and a background to make your best presentation. Videos should be no more than 10 seconds.
  • You’re welcome to use large or unconventional props—here’s your chance to have a live Ein with your Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV—and to include both full length and close-up shots, but please don’t materially edit the video from its natural look (no Snapchat-style filters!). Be sure to keep content G or PG.
  • These are “walk-on” videos; no sound needed in your video.
  • Strongly consider landscape format (and feel free to use the full frame!). Portrait format videos will be efficiently edited to fit standard video format.
  • Go to this form ACen 2020 Video Costume Collage and fill it out.
  • Send your video to

The weekend that would have been ACen 2020, we’ll put up the collated video of all the costumes we have received, with group viewing and conversation! Join us in enjoying our community’s cosplay even if we can’t do it in person.

We’ll take up to 500 costumes; we look forward to seeing yours!