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Convention Exclusive Shirts from Takahiko Abiru and Tomokatsu Nagasaku

By May 5, 2023No Comments
Kinema Citrus

Anime Central is pleased to announce two 2023 limited edition T-shirt charity drive designs in collaboration with VINLAND SAGA team and Kinema Citrus. Here is the sneak peak of the two wonderful illustrations designed by the guests of honor Takahiko Abiru & Tomokatsu Nagasaku.

There will be more information about the T-shirt charity drive in the near future. Don’t miss out as the T-shirts are limited-run and will only be available at the ACen merchandise booth.

VINLAND SAGA Shirt Collaboration

Courtesy of VINLAND SAGA Production Committee, the guest Takahiko Abiru has drawn an exclusive VINLAND SAGA Season 2 art design featuring Thorfinn has finally made his way to Anime Central in 2023 after the canceled appearance in 2020. Is Anime Central the VINLAND he is seeking for?

For more information about VINLAND SAGA S2, please visit:

VINLAND SAGA, Anime Central Shirt Design

Kinema Citrus Shirt Collaboration

Courtesy of Kinema Citrus, the guest Tomokatsu Nagasaku has drawn an exclusive art design featuring the Anime Central mascot girls and the original Chicago characters. Do you recognize any Chicago elements? If not, then you are stuck in a deep dish pizza!

For more information about Kinema Citrus, please visit:

Tomokatsu Nagasaku, Anime Central Shirt Design