Lost and Found

Did you lose something at ACen 2016? We have some items that are still in our lost and found from this years convention. If you are missing something, and want to know if we found it, fill out the form below. IF we have it or, have more questions about the item we will contact […]

Feedback 2016

Attendee input is very important to us and it helps make Anime Central grow and adapt to meet attendee needs. In order to do that, we want your honest feedback about what you liked and what we need to work on. Feedback Form  

Hyatt Cleanest Room Contest 2016

Cleanest Room Contest:  Lastly, don’t forget you can WIN A FREE WEEKEND by cleaning your room! The three cleanest rooms stay for free (Sunday departures only). Winners will be contacted directly and the room numbers will be shared with all fans on our Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Keep in touch with us via social media during ACen2016.  The […]

Guest Announcement: MINT NeKO

Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to MINT NeKO as a 2016 Guest of Honor! MINT, a designer of MINT NeKO was born in Shimane in 1984. After graduating Bunka Fashion College, he became an assistant designer of h.NAOTO and made a debut as a designer of Sixh. in 2006. Fashion duet […]

Guidebook 2016

Guidebook for ACen 2016 is now available! We’re excited to announce we have a brand new mobile guide for you to use on Guidebook! Get the guide to access the most up-to-date information about our event, including schedules, maps, and much more. Get our guide here: https://guidebook.com/g/animecentral2016 Android and iOS users: Tap the “Download” button to […]

Performer Announcement: Heavygrinder

Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Heavygrinder joining us for several events as 2016 Performers! Heavygrinder is a duo based out of Los Angeles, CA. Producing Metal-Electronica & EDM. HeavyGrinder has toured nonstop for the last 15 years. HEAVYGRINDER started as one of the pioneering female DJs. Now a duo; […]

Special Entertainer Announcement: Relect

Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Relect as a 2016 Special Entertainer! Relect began exploring production & DJing at the young age of 15. In just a few short years since that time he has shown incredible growth, including a track of his being featured in KONAMI’s SOUND VOLTEX arcade […]

Guest Announcement: Patrick Seitz

Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Patrick Seitz as a 2016 Guest of Honor! Known primarily for his work as the guy who yells out “Super Electromagnetic Shrapnel Cannon!” in Code Geass, Patrick Seitz’s body of other, lesser work stretches back to the year 2000. When he’s not busy playing Love […]