Artist Alley Prices

Artist Alley Prices

Each Artist Alley booth is 5’ x 8’ in size.

1 (One) 2’ x 8’ Table(s), $155.00 ea.

2 (Two) Chairs per Table, Complementary

1 (One) Artist Alley Membership Badge per registration submission, Complementary (This should be used on the lead artist on approved)

1 (One) Table ID Sign per registration submission, Complementary

Please Note:

Membership Badges for your studio mates may be purchased at any time through the Exhibitor Services Center.  No Membership Badge will be mailed / sent in the Mail to your place of residence, if you are in the Artist Alley, so please DO NOT request mailing if you will be in the Artist Alley.  Membership badges for Artist Alley participants are picked up at the event, during check/move-in.  They are picked up all at once, including the Studiomate’s Membership Badge(s) and the Lead Artist’s Membership Badge.


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