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Anime Central 2020 Graduation

By May 1, 2020No Comments
Graduation Art

We’ve all experienced many changes in the way we go about our days during this world pandemic. Mostly we feel the effects of physical distancing and how that informs our day to day life, our changed interactions with people, and the events we look forward to all year round. When we got together as a team, we began to talk about how we can support our community and handle those feelings of disconnection and loss. There’s a group of our community that’s feeling that especially rough this year, the class of 2020 graduates.

Typically graduation day is spent with your classmates who you’ve worked hard with throughout your academic career. Family and friends gather and celebrate your achievements. It’s a milestone that we know many in our community are missing. ACen is always mid-May and bumps up with graduation season. We are no stranger to caps, gowns, and cosplay here and we thought why not celebrate our friends’ achievements online. The truth is we can’t give you that milestone back the way it was intended, but we can celebrate you within our community. 

Want to take part? Fill out the application by May 8th.