RÖLI ANGELS hails from Nagoya, Japan and is an idol group that has performed worldwide. The two members are “Lemon” and “Shake”. They began as 2.5D cosplay idols who leaped from an original animation in 2013. In January 2015 they debuted on the Space Shower Music label.

RÖLI ANGELS is active not only just in Japan, but also performed at the 50,000 attendee “HELLO FEST” 2014 festival in Jakarta, Indonesia. They were invited again the following year, and gained an overseas fan club and media attention. Starting in 2015 in the United States, they have performed at venues in Las Vegas, Fresno, and Los Angeles, with more than 10 American tours.

ROLI ANGELS LEMON is the spunky, genki, energy-filled performer who brings you authentic Anisong from Japan! Her electrifying performance, yandare personality, and “forever smile” makes her irresistible!

ROLI ANGELS SHAKE is the super high energy kawaii J-Pop idol from Japan! She loves to entertain with cute jokes, acts, and makes fun expressions just for you!

ROLI ANGELS in their Chicago debut is looking forward to bringing you exciting performances throughout the weekend at Anime Central on the Lumica stage in exhibit hall! Let’s have a great show together!

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