Eric Vale can eat an entire Quarter Pounder with Cheese in a single bite. He crossed the English Channel riding on the antlers of a Canadian Moose. His favorite time of the year is dinnertime. This man has voiced characters such as Trunks in Dragon Ball Z, Sanji in One Piece, Yuki in Fruits Basket, Kymblee in Fullmetal Alchemist, America and Canada in Hetalia, and most recently Nishiki in Tokyo Ghoul. 

You can also hear him on radio and TV as the voice of the Dallas Stars and Dave & Busters. But wait! That’s not all! He also wrote and produced the feature film Chariot, which is quite possibly the greatest American movie ever made. He’s written screenplays as well as scripted over 50 anime programs and he’s a full-on, for reals published writer. Eric has also directed for film and stage.

So he sounds pretty busy, right? Well, tack on the fact that he’s a husband and father of three and you’ll understand why he always looks so tired. He began studying the world of entertainment when he was only 12 years old, and he never looked back. Living a “normal” life with “normal” people isn’t something Eric would know how to do. It’s not something he’d want to do. The best thing he can say about life is that you have your options; you can be safe or you can be crazy. Guess which one he chose?