Please join us in giving a warm Anime Central welcome to Lapix as a 2017 Special Entertainer!

Known as the ‘High-Tech Ninja’, lapix is a Japanese musician, producer, and DJ.

He started his music career at the ripe age of 7 when he first encountered an electronic organ. This wasn’t your traditional piano style organ, it was a two-step keyboard and foot pedal style electronic organ. It wasn’t until his teen years that he began to experiment and transition to electronic music with a synthesizer. In addition to solo production, he excels in natural ensemble, has expert rhythm sense, and displays this in various forms through his performances. He has drawn influence from both popular music as well as classical styles of music. Even from his younger years, he has gained plenty of knowledge in music, even with his favorite genres, HiTECH Full on and Hardcore. He also creates a wide variety of J-Pop covers!

His songs “Amazing Mirage”, “Inner Spirit’, and various other songs of the High-Tech genre are featured in Konami’s music games “beatmania IIDX” and “SOUND VOLTEX”.

Until lapix bursted onto the scene in Japan, the HiTECH genre was not too well known in Japan, he has gained a tremendous amount of popularity from exposing the country to this genre. This gained him great traction as a leading artist in the Japanese High Tech scene.

In 2017 lapix appeared at “EDP × beatnation summit 2017 – beatnation summit 10th Anniversary -“

He is looking to expand and grow even greater going forward in 2017!